Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thankfulness Thursday + Announcement

Having time to blog
Gorgeous weather
Outlining my novel
Long nights curled up with Dancing With The Stars
A series ending exactly how I wanted it to
Listening to music
Catching up with friends

Hello, everyone!! I'm sorry for being so slow replying to comments lately, and that I've gotten behind on the DWTS posts. This past week has been crazy, because....

I've been in NEW YORK CITY!!!!

It was honestly SO much fun, and I can't wait to post all about it!! I took tons of photos, and I have a bunch of posts written up in my head. It's just the matter of actually getting them typed up!! I'm determined to do it though, as well as some other posts like DWTS recaps, Thankfulness Thursday, etc. I'm super excited to share all of my adventures with you! 

I also have some book reviews to share with you all, as I got a ton of reading done on the ride up north. I finally read Mockingjay!! That was...interesting. So much death, much death...

Expect a post spam very soon!!!


  1. That's awesome! I've been to New York twice to visit my extended family, and I've loved both trips. City life can be really beautiful, so I'm glad you were able to get pictures. I hope you got to try New York pizza and cannoli. I see that stuff in my dreams.

    So much death… Now you know why I cried so much when I read that book.

    1. Oh my gosh, New York pizza and cannoli are LIFE.

      Yes, yes I much death and pain..

  2. You and I would get along so welllll. Sleep, listening to music, outlining novels, catching up with friends...blogging, holidays...girl literally, this makes my heart so happy!
    YOU WENT TO NEW YORK YOU LUCKY GIRL. Can't wait to hear about it <3
    I'm scared to seek the Mockingjay scared XD

    1. We would get along absolutely wonderfully!! <3 Gosh, I'm scared to see Mockingjay...


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