Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hey everyone! I've felt like lately my posts have been super structured and things that I felt I really needed to post, so I decided to do a more random, just-for-fun post. I'm in kind of a random mood (what else is new), so hopefully this post makes sense and isn't super boring haha.


Reading- tons of blog posts on novel writing and character development. I'm starting my first draft, and I'm so nervous haha! I'm also in the middle of re-reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Watching- lots of Christmas Hallmark movies. We watched A Very Merry Mix-Up the other night, and it was seriously so funny...

Trying- to get everything done and not let myself get too overwhelmed. I have two tests and then three exams coming up, plus regular schoolwork, a Christmas show, and LIFE.

Cooking- well, not cooking, but baking. I baked a chocolate pie for Thanksgiving and oh my word, it was glorious.

Eating- ^ said leftover pie.

Drinking- not enough water. I'm really terrible at remembering to keep myself hydrated, I've got to work on that..

Calling- one haha. I never actually call people, which is kind of pathetic. Well, I did call 43 times the other day to vote for Bindi and Derek, but I don't really think that that is what this question is asking...

Texting- several different friends about a ton of really random stuff. It's pretty hilarious. Let's just say I've been doing a LOT of screenshotting. My friend and I got into this giant fandom war, I couldn't stop laughing. I learned that insulting a Doctor Who fan doesn't go well.

Pinning- a bunch of different writing-related pins, as well as lots of Christmas DIY ideas. I have a Christmas obsession, guys...

Crafting- not too much, aside from the 'Give Thanks" painting that I showed you all on Thanksgiving. I really meant to craft more this month, but that kind of went out the window.

Doing- lots and lots and lots of things. Did a bunch of work for a school fundraiser today, which involved lots of white chocolate. That was pretty delicious.

Going- nowhere, really. It's been absolutely lovely. But this next week will be rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal! It's crazy, but it's really fun. I can't help but love it.

Loving- days at home, Essie nail polish, Hallmark movies, Christmas music, hot chocolate, novel work, and SLEEP.

Hating- that I just broke this beautiful ballerina snowglobe that I've had since I was like, seven. It was absolutely depressing. Also hating all of the tests/exams I have coming up- yuck.

Discovering- how pathetic I am at planning things. Also that I am the ultimate klutz, which I kind of already knew. I literally dropped a container of butter on myself tonight, guys. That wasn't fun.

Enjoying- Thanksgiving break. Oh my goodness it's been wonderful.

Thinking- about how crazy it is that it's almost December, and that Christmas is less than a month away. That's just mind-blowing. I've also been thinking about what to give everyone for Christmas, I'm determined to find the perfect gifts for everyone!

Feeling- like I wish I was done with school, and nervous about a bunch of different things. Overwhelmed is probably a good word, I'll go with that.

Hoping- that this next week won't make me lose my mind. School and a show- I CAN DO THIS. MAYBE.

Listening- to tons and tons of Christmas music!! I love it so much.

Celebrating- Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and starting to already celebrate Christmas!!

Smelling- the smells of Thanksgiving food and Christmas. Everything is so warm and happy and I love it.

Thanking- everyone for everything!! With Thanksgiving, I've been thinking about thankfulness, and there are just so many things that I'm thankful for, they all can't fit in one question!

Considering- whether or not I can break in a new pair of dance shoes by Friday. This will be interesting... If I fall off the stage because my shoes are too new, I love you all...Farewell....

Starting- my first draft of my novel!

Finishing- up my classes for this semester, and also this post!!


What have you been up to lately?


  1. ahhhhh i loved this so much. it made me feel so relaxed and just happy. i love posts like this and learning about the little ins and outs of your life ^-^ and that pie sounds amazing haha!

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Olivia! I'm so glad that you liked it, you're the sweetest:) <3

  2. YESSSS!!!! To me Hallmark movies set the stage for a good Christmas. Love this post!!!


    1. Hallmark movies make Christmas even more wonderful. Thanks for stopping by, Leah! :)

  3. hey, Grace, just a question, where do you live, some of the things in some of your former posts look really familiar. I don't mean to be stalkerish, i was just curious

    1. Hey Ems, sorry, but I don't like to disclose where I live for privacy reasons. Thanks for reading though! :)

  4. I totally got you, my mom wishes i would be more like that. you know, as soon as i wrote that i was just like, wow, what the heck. Don't feel bad at all, this is the season of lack of thinking. Trust me, my mom hates how i am so antisocial, but i would consider just sending myself out to everybody, obviously she wouldn't believe in me starting a blog :(. She really doesn't want me to get a facebook next year, but that is out of the question, i'm getting one, whether she likes it or not


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