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Dancing With The Stars- Week 10- Semifinals!!!

I can't believe that it's semifinals! Oh my gosh! That's SO crazy. I'm really sad, this has been a fun season. I just don't want it to end! I wasn't expecting to fall in love with this group like I did. Then again, I seem to end up falling in love with basically every cast...

The opening number was absolutely gorgeous, I loved it. Seeing the pros dance is always so much fun! I wish that there were more numbers like that with just the pros. They're so great to watch!


Let Round One begin!

Bindi and Derek- Bindi and her brother have spent their whole lives living at the zoo, working for wildlife conservation. Hearing her family talking about her was just the sweetest thing ever. And oh my goodness, when Robert said that Bindi was the best sister you could ever ask for, that was so sweet! I love the Irwins so much!!!
Oh my word, wow! That was great! That dance was super complicated, but Bindi was just phenomenal. (As always!) Haha, oh my gosh, there was tons of confetti and Bindi goes, "It's raining happiness!!" They were told that it wasn't as edgy as it should have been, but the song was just so upbeat that you really couldn't be very edgy. 27/30.

Alek and Lindsay- I love how Alek and his two friends from the train attack have been friends for practically forever. They grew up together, which I think is really cool.
Ahhh, they look so cute! I love it. That was a really a pretty dance! Alek and Lindsay are a great pairing, they work well together and they're so awesome to watch. Alek has grown so much as a dancer, and that routine was a testament to that. Really proud of him! I love how he's just a normal guy who came in with no experience, and he's grown so much. It's wonderful. 30/30.

Carlos and Witney- I love when Carlos said, "Now that she's gone and there's nothing I can do, there's no reservations!" You go, Carlos!! It was funny to hear his brother talk about him- 154 tardies because Carlos was always doing his hair in the mornings!
That was really cool, but I agree with Carrie Ann, parts of it I just didn't quite get. Parts of it I LOVED, but parts of it just left me like.."huh..?" I enjoyed it though, it was a cool concept. Bruno adored it, his reaction was the BESTTT. Gah, I love Bruno Tonioli. 28/30. (Note: I ended up watching it a second time because we wanted to show it to my dad, and I actually enjoyed it more the second time around. Maybe it was just me?)

Nick and Sharna- Nick went kind of crazy growing up, with lots of drugs and alcohol. He was surrounding himself with people who weren't good for him. Then his sister died from a substance overdose, and Nick kind of blamed himself for it. He managed to pull himself out of it and to become a different person.
I feel like his story beforehand might have gotten into his head. He had some footwork issues, he seemed a little hunched, and then he just stopped in the middle. Sharna got him back into it, which was good. It just wasn't his best dance. 24/30.

They explained what had happened with Tamar last week. I don't understand why Tamar didn't tell Val that she was going to the hospital, I would think that she would at least let him know. She went back to the hospital after the show, and found out that she has blood clots in her lungs. That's super serious, because if they got to her heart, she could die. She had to drop out, and is currently still in the hospital undergoing treatment.


Time for the dance-off round!!

The winner of the dance-off gets three extra points added to their score. First up, Alek vs. Carlos!

Alek went first, and I thought that he did well!!! I thought it was a bit slow, but it was good! Like I said earlier, I'm very impressed with how much he's improved this season. Oh my gosh, I was laughing so hard at the ending... 
Carlos danced next, and he did a great job! It was a lot quicker, and he had a ton of energy. I liked it a lot!!!!
Julianne was really critical of Alek, but was very complimentary of Carlos. Like Tom said, "Hmm, I wonder who you're picking." Bruno said that Alek had a few timing issues, but was good otherwise. Carrie Ann thought that they both did equally well! Personally, I think I might have liked Carlos a *bit* better, but they both did really well. 
Carlos and Witney won with two votes, although Carrie Ann voted for Alek. So, Carlos gets three extra points.

Now, Bindi vs. Nick! Bindi's dancing first. Whoa, they started off with samba rolls! That's always a favorite of the judges. WOW!! That was absolutely incredible! Bindi has so much sass and energy, and Derek's choreography was phenomenal. The tricks in there were great!!
Nick is up next. I loved Sharna's choreography, but the performance itself just wasn't anything special to me. 
Obviously, I adored Bindi's. She was so sassy, and it was just perfect! Sorry Nick, I have to vote for Bindi on this one.
The judges agree with me- they all voted for Bindi and Derek!


Now, time for the trio round!! Oh my word, I'm so excited for this. Peta's back, which absolutely thrills me beyond belief- I've missed her this season!! Emma is dancing with Alek and Lindsay, which I am SUPER excited about- I loved when Emma and Alek danced together for Switch-Up week. And the fact that Derek, Bindi, and Mark are dancing together has me so unbelievably excited. Derek and Mark are absolutely brilliant, their choreography is always incredible, and adding Bindi to the equation just makes it even more PERFECT!!! I saw a few pictures of them this week on Instagram, and it looks amazing. CAN'T WAITT!!!!

Up first, Bindi, Derek, and Mark!!! I. Cannot. WAIT!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!
Mark and Derek have been working together for the past twenty years, so it's so much fun when they get together. I loved Mark's imitation of Derek, it was great. And I love that Derek got inspiration from a furniture store, that's hilarious. This dance is really intense and difficult, especially for Bindi. At one point she got dropped, and you know it's bad when they have to bleep out sweet Bindi!
OH MY GOSHHHHHHH!!!! That was one of the most brilliant things I have ever seen. It was truly breathtaking. "You are my little ninja warrior princess!!" She did not miss a beat, the choreography was insanely difficult and complex and fast, and she NAILED it!! The story that they told through that dance was so beautiful. Literally in awe right now. WATCH THIS DANCE!!! 30/30- DUH.

Next, Alek, Lindsay, and EMMA!! OH MY GOSH, the extent to which Alek wanted to be with Emma was the cutest thing ever. Like seriously, please, date. I love how everyone automatically knew who Alek wanted. Derek just walks over and picks Emma for him. XD "I picked Emma for the trio dance, because she's just such a great dancer." "Whenever Emma is within 100 feet of me, I can't concentrate very well." "Emma can bring the sexy out of me."
Ahhhhh, I was squealing so hard whenever he danced with Emma! I love them so much!! And wow, I really loved that dance!! It was phenomenal! It showcased Alek's strengths very well. I loved Lindsay's face when the judges were talking and she was in the middle of Alek and Emma. It was so funny XD I WANT TO SEE YOUR WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT!!! 27/30. 

Carlos and Witney chose to dance with Karina! Karina chose Witney for a trio when she danced with Corbin, and the got a perfect score, so Witney wanted Karina. Neither of them has ever danced a Charleston on the show before, so this will be interesting!
I really liked that dance!!! I absolutely adore the Charleston, and I thought that they did a superb job on it. The lift with Karina on top and Witney hanging from the bottom was awesome. It was so much fun! The judges said that he stole the show from the girls, which is a huge compliment. Fabulous dance! 29/30- Why did Carrie Ann give them a nine???
I love that Tom literally paused the show to ask why Carrie Ann gave them a nine. He's the best XD

Nick and Sharna are dancing with Peta!!! Ahhh I'm seriously so excited, I've missed Peta so much!! This week, Nick gets to dance with not one but TWO amazing Aussies!! Haha, I love how Peta had like, three posters of Nick on her wall growing up. "Thank you very much, dreams come true!" 
I've got to admit, that was a good dance!! I didn't love the beginning, but I thought that the rest of it was really good. There was a lot of personality, and he stayed in sync. The choreography was great, had a lot of Sharna's personality in there. The judges loved it. 30/30.


TIme for..elimination. Gah I'm dreading this.

The first couple safe....Alek and Lindsay!! : )

Also in the finals...Carlos and Witney




What did you think of tonight's episode?

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