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Dancing With The Stars- Finale, Night One! Plus, A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!


I've been fangirling about this for the last 24 hours...


I'm literally freaking out so much. Just read this article, and commence the fangirling. My life is complete again.



Wow, it's so crazy that it's the finale! This has seriously been such a great season, I'm really sad to see it come to an end. Can't wait to see what the contestants are going to bring! 

I'm going to miss these contestants so much gosh. Seeing them all come out has made me sad already!! At first I was a little uncertain about this cast, but I really love them. <3 


First round- Judge's Choice!

Carlos and Witney- Carlos is the only contestant remaining who hasn't received a perfect score! Gosh, I didn't realize that, and it makes me really sad!
They are doing another foxtrot, and Bruno was their judge. He said that Carlos definitely has potential to win. I hope that he does really well tonight- I want him to finally get that perfect score!
Carlos did a really great job! He didn't look extremely confident afterwards, but the judges were very positive. I thought that there was one little stumble, but the judges didn't seem to notice at all- 30/30!! I'm so happy they finally got their perfect score!!

Alek and Lindsay- Alek and Lindsay have Carrie Ann as their judge, and they're doing their rumba. "Last time I did a rumba it was with Emma, which was very easy, but it's not so easy with Lindsay." Haha! Alek + Emma = Perfect. I'm really glad they're doing rumba though, I love rumba.
That was beautiful! I loved it, it was so pretty. There wasn't quite enough hip action, but otherwise it was good. "Your hip action was a bit lacking, but you were so into it!" "I was just so into it." "Yes, with your sister." I love you, Tom... 27/30.

Nick and Sharna- Nick and Sharna have Julianne as their judge, and they're dancing the jive. He had some slip ups in his first jive, so it will be interesting to see him do it again. Haha I was laughing during Julianne's lava analogy, because my dance teacher always says that!
That was actually really good! I kind of thought it wasn't quite as sharp towards the end, but otherwise it was good. He had a lot of energy, and it was one of his better dances. "Can we take one second to recognize Sharna for the goddess that she is?" AMEN! Wow, Carrie Ann called it his best dance of the season. 30/30.

Bindi and Derek-
Bindi's mom- "See you soon. And only move your hips like that here." OH MY GOSHHH I'm laughing so hard.
Bindi and Derek have Carrie Ann as their judge, and they're dancing a quickstep. She's the only girl left in the competition, and I'm still praying that she'll win! Derek's been sick this week, which has definitely been hard. Hopefully that doesn't affect their performance.
Oh m gosh, the beginning of that dance was so adorable! She's the cutest. Bindi is seriously like a ball of energy and happiness, that was phenomenal! She is so quick on her feet. And I loved the ending! Also, just gotta throw it out there, I love her dress...
Julianne is right- she's like the energizer bunny!! She doesn't even look like she's breathing hard haha. Bruno said that it was a gem. Carrie Ann said that, "A star is born." Oh my word, Derek and Bindi talking about their partnership was just the sweetest thing. I love their relationship. Erin- "Your bronchitis has never sounded better!" 30/30.



Ahhhhh, I am so excited for this round! Freestyle is seriously the best thing ever, I can't wait to see what everyone does. 

Carlos and Witney- Witney's been having a bit of trouble figuring out how she wants to choreograph this number, and they have the best idea ever- THEY'RE BRINGING IN ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS!! Paula Deen, Alexa, and Hayes are going to be in the number. I am so excited oh my word. 
Wow, that was a really cool freestyle! It was a definite risk, but it worked. It was very hip-hop, which was cool to see. I also loved to see the eliminated contestants in there, that was so much fun. Carlos has the biggest heart, and I love that about him. I have to say, it wasn't my absolute favorite freestyle, but that's more of a personal thing. He did really well!
Erin, "I felt like this dance was my dream...I didn't get an invite.." 30/30. YAYAYAYAYAYYYY!!!! HE HAD A PERFECT NIGHT FOR THE FINALE! That makes me so happy.

Alek and Lindsay- They want their freestyle to be kind of like an obstacle course. This is Lindsay's first freestyle, and I'm super excited to see it. I think it's going to be a really awesome dance! They have this giant wall that looks like an amazing thing to use- ahhhh so excited.
OH MY GOSH. I LOVED THAT SO MUCH!!! I have to give Lindsay major props, that was an incredible piece. To quote Bruno, "Lindsay, your choreography tonight was outstanding." It's a freestyle that everyone will remember for a long time. That was one of my favorite dances from Alek,   he was so great. Like I said last week, I'm so proud of him! It had such a great story, and the whole dance was just fabulous.
Erin, talking about Lindsay's thought process in choreographing such an insane number- "What have I done?!" "Was there a part of you maybe as you were getting ready to do this right now thinking, 'Oh now, why did I put a wall in there?"  30/30.

(WHY DID THEY SWITCH THE ORDER?? BINDI SHOULD HAVE GONE LAST!) Sorry, the fangirl is going back inside.

Bindi and Derek- Derek wants to do a very stripped down, authentic freestyle with Bindi. "I believe that she's enough for this dance." Oh my goshhhh I was about to lose it just watching the package. I'm going to cry in this dance. Ahh. 
.....Oh my goodness...no words....Derek Hough has absolutely outdone himself. There is not a dry eye in the place. That was the most beautiful thing in the world. It was so real and vulnerable, it was so powerful in a way that I cannot express. She is so beautiful and so special, and you felt like you were going on that journey along with her. My whole body had chills. "You showed us the power of dance at it's most pure. You touched everyone's soul." Bruno put that perfectly. Bindi, you touched everyone's soul with that dance. 
At the end, a photo of Bindi and her dad popped up, and Bindi didn't even know that was going to happen. That was a perfect touch on Derek's part. The footprints in the sand at the end killed me. Perfection. 

Nick and Sharna- Nick is doing a Backstreet Boys themed freestyle. They're doing their dance to "Larger Than Life". If this could be his last dance on the show, he wants it to be great.
I hate to be negative, but I really wasn't very fond of that freestyle. I don't know, it just seemed kind of..eh. It wasn't bad or anything, it just didn't seem to be anything special. That may just be my opinion, I don't know. Just not my favorite. The judges adored it. Maybe it was more incredible in person. 30/30.


Now, time for elimination.

Oh my gosh I am so unbelievably nervous. AGH.


Safe....Alek and Lindsay!

Also safe.....Bindi and Derek!! (HALLELUJAH!)

Going home.....Carlos and Witney.

NO!!!! Oh my word I am so upset right now... I loved Carlos, he was a great dancer, and he was so sweet. Especially after tonight, I personally think he should have made it to the finals and Nick should have gone home. *sigh* Oh well.


What did you think of tonight's episode?


Also, just a side note...

This was how many times I tried to get through to vote my five times. xD My mom called around ninety times before getting through. Team Crikey for the win!!!!


  1. can i just say i have wanted Bindi to win from the very start, she is sooo amazing and inspiring, and she makes me feel like i am perfect just the way i am, a feeling i haven't felt in a really long time. Grace, do you have any suggestions on how to start up a conversation with a person who you have a crush on but haven't legitly talked to in two whole years?

    1. Bindi is the best! I love her so much:)
      Hmm. Relationship advice isn't exactly my strong suit. I'd say just get to know the person first, try to become friends with them. Say hi, just make small talk at first, etc.

    2. i got about two months to figure it out, maybe


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