Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up

Gosh, this week has been busy! I can't quite say that I'm sorry it's over. Parts of it have been super stressful and tiring, so I'm ready for a fresh start. I'm so glad that it's finally the weekend! Having a chance to just relax is super nice.

I don't really have any plans this weekend, for which I'm very thankful! I'd like to work on some novel stuff, and I need to calm the tornado in my room. It's really terrible. WHY CAN I NEVER KEEP IT CLEAN? WHY?!

But I digress.

Maybe I'll go make some scones. Or watch NCIS. That sounds a lot nicer than cleaning.

Made Me Smile:

I had my auditions this week, and I'm in the ensemble of our musical! I'm really excited, it's going to be a ton of fun. : )

Long, wonderful talks with amazing people who I love to death.

More character work for my novel! Agh it's so much fun!

Having a quiz postponed. Gotta love it!


Headaches. They are literally the worst. Lack of sleep and dehydration do not make for a very good day, I can tell you that.

School. Just school in general. I am ahead on English this week, though, so that's good! I just feel like I'm behind on absolutely everything else.

It's getting colder. Noooooooo!!!


Chocolate-peanut butter spread. I feel like I talk about this stuff a lot but I swear, it's the most amazing substance in the world.

Secret Letters by Leah Scheier. It is SUCH a good book!! My mom picked it up for me at the library this week, and I'm in love.

Scouring Pinterest for fun fall ideas.


I love this hairstyle so much! I feel like I would crash and burn if I tried it, but agh it's so cute!

This vintage 50's dress is absolutely stunning!

I love this! I actually tried recreating it, although it didn't turn out this well for sure!!


Oh my goodness, I'm laughing so hard. THG and Taylor- perfect!


How was your week?


  1. Ugh, I've been getting headaches lately too. I feel like there's no really effective medicine for those. The vending machine at my school has this flavored water that is insanely good so I've been drinking tons of water but I still get headaches : /

    If I had any artistic ability at all I'd probably spend it all on making things like the Fight Song paper with all my favorite songs. I love those kinds of things.

    Ugh President Snow how dare you pollute a good song with your evilness. Idk if you've read Mockingjay yet but they just released a new clip for the new movie and I'm so excited it's not even funny

    1. There really isn't, they're the worst. Ugh. I've been trying to drink a ton of water, too, but so far no luck.

      Haha! I'm trying to learn how to do them, but so far it's pretty much an epic fail. Art is definitely not my thing!

      Agh, really tho. No, I haven't! I really want to read it soon. I need to pick it up at the library! That may be my goal this week haha

    2. It sucks to because people ask if I'm creative and I say I am and then they think I can draw and I'm like "Look my stick figures turned out really well, I even fit the nose into the face bubble."

      I checked it out to reread it and I honestly forgot how sad it was. Like, I read a lot of depressing books but this one probably takes the cake. So yes. Tissues. They just released the final trailer today and I haven't watched it yet but I'M SO EXCITED.

    3. EXACTLY! "Here, look at my stick figure and my 4-year-old house with the sun in the corner. I'm artistic, I swear!"

      Oh gosh. Tissues and ice cream have now been added to my shopping list. Ahhhhh I want to see the trailer! Must. Force. Self. To. Wait.

    4. Ugh the trailer was so depressing. They had a bunch of death-scene snippets that to someone who hadn't read the books it wouldn't look like anything but to people that have… I'm not emotionally ready at all for this movie.


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