Friday, October 2, 2015

Happy October!



First off, sorry that this post is a day late. I had to wish Julie a happy birthday!!!!

While September is a bit of a transition month, October is a full-blown "Hey it's Autumn again!" month. Even though I'm sad that summer is over, I'm trying my hardest to enjoy the fact that it's fall. The way I'm looking at it, fall is here whether I like it or not, so I might as well get festive and enjoy it! *Deep breath in* Okay. I can do this.

SO, since I'm not a huge fall person myself, I need some help. What are some fall blog post ideas that you'd like to see? I'd love some suggestions!

I'm also looking for some good fall crafts, so any ideas would be appreciated! I want to make some wooden signs, but I'm not sure what else. I'll definitely be perusing Pinterest for some ideas!

One thing that I always love about October is Halloween. It's such a great holiday, and the preparations for it are so much fun- we already have our decorations up! I love the costumes, and the pumpkins, and of course- the candy!!! Ahh. I have a major sweet tooth, so any holiday that celebrates sweets is a great holiday, in my opinion! I'm going to try to do some Halloween-themed baking, so that should be fun.

We're still enjoying some warm weather here in the South, which I'm loving. Hopefully it stays this way! I think it's cooling down a bit this week, but it's still not getting cold. I'm thrilled! That's always nice. If you ask me, the weather is always best when it's above sixty-five degrees.

I remember that when I wrote my Happy September post, I was super excited about getting my braces off. *Lucky* me, I still have my top braces. They're supposed to come off this month though, which is good. I WANT MY TEETH BACK!!! (It feels so weird not having braces on the bottom. Like, I have teeth now? What?!)

School's picking up, and things are getting busier and busier. Homework has been a bit crazy, and when you add in rehearsals, life gets hectic. I've been getting kind of slack about using my planner, which hasn't helped. That's my resolution for the month- to use my planner more!!

I also really want to do more baking this month. On top of Halloween baking, I love just finding great recipes, and having yummy things to eat for days afterwards. Does anyone have some good recipes that I can try?

I'm excited for this month- hopefully it's a good one!


What do you like about October?

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  1. Hooray for October! I basically love everything about it. The leaves, the scents, the food, Halloween!



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