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Dancing With The Stars- Week 7!!

It's Halloween night!!!

Ahh, I absolutely love Halloween night on Dancing With The Stars! It's seriously so much fun, everyone really goes all out. Can't wait to see tonight's dances!

Leah is filling in for Erin again this week. Love Leah, but we also miss you, Erin!!!

The opening number was great, I seriously love all of the costumes!!!!


(none of these images are mine)

Nick and Sharna- They've had a crazy week this week, because Nick has been in New York for a Backstreet Boys event. They're doing an Argentine Tango, which isn't the easiest dance, and the shortened practice time isn't helping. Nick really wants a perfect score, so he's been working really hard. Let's see how he does!
That dance was really cool, but it didn't quite remind me of an Argentine tango. I don't know, maybe it was just me. Nick's makeup was insanely awesome though, and I love Sharna's contacts! They're so creepy! Nick also did a great job with character, so that was good. Halloween themes are so fun, and this was no exception! 24/30.

Hayes and Emma- Hayes was feeling a bit negative after his scores last week. It's a lot of pressure and he's only fifteen. Hayes said, "Emma is basically my best friend, and I really don't want to disappoint her." I just melted.
Oh my gosh, the music is the best remix I have ever heard. It's this super creepy version of Once Upon A Dream. WHOA!!! That was so awesome, and so creepy! I loved how it ended with Emma holding a knife behind her back! The dance was gorgeous, and the choreography was incredible. I'm in love with this dance. Perfect. Hayes, you have nothing to worry about! 26/30- Wish that it'd been even higher!!

Alexa and Mark- I felt so terrible for Alexa last week. She is a fabulous dancer, and she should have gotten higher scores this. I hope that she gets higher scores this week. I also wish that they showed her happier moments in the package, instead of all of the bad moments. That doesn't seem quite fair. 
First off, Mark's costume is seriously the best thing ever. I'm obsessed with the Edward Scissorhands thing. It's amazing. That dance was really good! I was impressed. It was a total paso, with the essence and creativity of Tim Burton. Loved it!  27/30.

Tamar and Val- Tamar is feeling a lot more confident after last week's scores.  ....Oh my gosh. I can't believe that she just said that she feels she is the best dancer in the competition. I'm sorry, that's really rude, and I personally think it's disrespectful to everyone else in the competition. 
The theme of the dance was fun, but the dance itself wasn't the best. There were some sloppy mistakes, and I agree with Julianne, there's still a disconnect between Tamar and Val. She had some synchronization issues as well. 
OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU SASHA FARBER!!!!! He came up in the middle of Tamar's interview and scared Leah to death. That was seriously the funniest thing ever, she flipped out! 24/30.

Andy and Allison- Andy is really excited this week to go from happy go lucky Singing In The Rain to dark vampires- that's definitely fun. I'm looking forward to seeing this!
Wow, that was amazing!!! There was so much intensity to that dance, I loved it! The choreography was fabulous. Bruno said that he lost some of the frame throughout the dance, but honestly I was so immersed in the dance that I didn't even notice. Carrie Ann said that she noticed the frame as well, but she thought that it added to the twisted nature of the dance. 26/30.

Bindi and Derek- Derek is trying to turn Bindi into this scary vampire, and so far it isn't working. She's not at all scary! I mean let's face it, Bindi is adorable. She tries to scare people and they just hug her! Bindi said that her favorite quote is, "Never confuse kindness with weakness." She's nice, but she's strong, and she wants to bring that strength to this dance.
I loved the hands coming out of the walls at the beginning of the dance! That was so cool. OH MY GOSH I LOVED THAT!! There was so much intensity and passion, and she nailed the choreography! It was a true Argentine tango, and I thought that her footwork was absolutely impeccable. Bruno said that it was an Argentine Tango, master class. Loved it!!! 30/30.

Oh my goodness, the compilation of Sasha's pranks was the absolute best thing ever. Allison fell over, Emma kept having to be bleeped out, and I'm pretty sure that Bindi is scarred for life. Lindsay and Alek's faces were the bestttttt.

Alek and Lindsay- "Good job, Alek!!" "Tell that to the judges.." I felt bad for Alek. There are definitely some thing he can improve upon, but he's a good dancer. Artem came in and helped them, which I think was good. I really like Alek, and I don't want him to go home anytime soon. Hopefully his scores are higher tonight.
Lindsay's entrance on the hoverboard-thingy was awesome! She literally looked like she was floating, it was great. Alex's expressions are really great tonight, so that's definitely good! I also think that he's definitely improving a lot. That looked very clean, and I thought that he did a really good job. 25/30- IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIGHER

Carlos and Witney- Carlos and Witney are doing a Phantom of the Opera themed dance, and I'm super excited. I'm a huge theatre nerd, so I'm fangirling *just* a bit! He's having trouble learning how to use the cape, but I'm sure that he'll do well. Can't wait to see.
OH MY GOSH I AM FREAKING OUT SO MUCH. THAT WAS SO GOOD!!!! They ended it with him looking in the mirror, which was perfect. The cape work was fabulous, too!! I'm super impressed. Bruno said that he got a bit off-balance, which I was disappointed to hear. I didn't notice that, I loved it!! I really wanted him to get a thirty haha. Julianne really liked it, though. 28/30.


Now, it's time for the team dances!!!

Oh my goodness, I can't wait for the team dances. When I saw the team lists, I got so excited. Team Who Ya Gonna Call is literally the perfect team, in my opinion! If you don't know already, the teams are- 

Team Who Ya Gonna Call-
Derek and Bindi
Witney and Carlos
Mark and Alexa
Lindsay and Alek

Team Nightmare-
Val and Tamar
Sharna and Nick
Emma and Hayes
Allison and Andy

Can't wait to see these dances!!!!

The two team captains are Bindi and Nick. First up, Team Nightmare!

Team Nightmare- Team Nightmare really wants to win, because they want to beat Derek's team. They seem to be struggling to put the routine together though. Let's see how they do!
......As much as I hate to admit it, that was REALLY good. Like, really good. The choreography was insanely cool, and the group did a great job. Now I'm really nervous for the next team... 30/30.

     Team Who Ya Gonna Call- Haha, oh my gosh. Bindi cannot trash talk to save her life. "You're gonna...you're gonna do really good probably.." Oh burn.. xD I seriously can't get over how adorable she is. They're going to attempt to do a crazy lift at the end with Alexa, so I'm just praying that it goes off well..! 
     ....They aren't going to get perfect scores. There was a mess-up at the beginning, I'm just so upset. I love that group so much, and they did such a great job. The energy was great, and I don't know how Carlos did that lift on wheels. I loved it, but they're going to score lower and I'm slightly depressed right now. 28/30.

Derek has officially lost his first team dance.


On that lovely note, it's time for elimination. -_-

In jeopardy....Hayes and Emma


Also in jeopardy....Tamar and Val

I'm okay with that!

Joining them in jeopardy.....Alexa and Mark


Going home...Hayes and Emma.


I'm so upset by that. He did not deserve to go home. He's done such a great job this season, and I can't figure out why on earth he was eliminated. Maybe because he went first last week? I don't know. I'm really upset though..


What did you think of tonight's episode?

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