Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week 4!!

This week is....Most Memorable Year week!

Prepare to cry. A lot.

I have a love/hate relationship with this week. It's so sweet but oh so sad.

Also, Tom isn't here this week, which is sad. He had to go home because his dad is sick. Tom, hope that your dad gets better soon and you can come back to make us all laugh soon!

*None of these pictures are mine*

Alexa and Mark- Alexa's most memorable year is 2000, the year she booked Spy Kids. She was pretty upset by Alfonso's comment last week. She said, "Carlos comes before winning anything. Family comes first. Carlos is my family." This dance is all about her family, and she's dancing to a song her mom used to blare all the time.
I really liked that dance!!! It was great. There was a bit of a footwork slip-up, but other than that I loved it. The concept was great; the scenery and costumes were so fun. The judges penalized her a good bit for that slip-up though. 21/30.

Gary and Anna- Gary's most memorable year was 1979. He was in the Buddy Holly story, which started his rise to fame. In 1988, Gary was in an accident, which caused him serious brain damage. That makes things a little harder for him, but he works so hard and really does such a great job. Haha, oh my goodness, I love Gary so much. He messes up, but he's so much fun to watch! 16/30.

HAHAHAHA, oh my gosh. Sasha recreated Bruno's 80's outfit. That was beautiful xD

Tamar and Val- Tamar's most memorable year is 2012, when she almost lost her husband, Vince. He had multiple blood clots in his lungs and went into a coma. While he was in the hospital, they decided to have a baby, and they now have a healthy young boy. To quote Tamar- "I wouldn't trade that for the world."
It was so great, her husband played the piano for her dance. <3 That was so sweet. The dance was really pretty, and they did connect better, but I still didn't feel a huge connection. She and Val seem as though they're two different people dancing, instead of dancing together as one. The judges loved it though, and there's been a ton of positive response to her online. I just don't think their connection is as strong as it could be. 27/30.

*gasp* ALLISON'S PREGNANT!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW AGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Hayes and Emma- Hayes's most memorable year is 2014. He turned into this huge video star, going from 21 followers to 100,000 followers overnight.
Oh my goodness, I loved their dance!! The choreography was absolutely adorable, go Emma!! Hayes executed it INSANELY well. I loved that!! 27/30- Oh my gosh, I thought they were both going to pass out there xD When they got those 9's, their faces were priceless!

Alek and Lindsey- Alek's most memorable year is 2015. With all of the things that have happened since the train,
Alek's had a pretty great year. This past week though, was terrible. The shooting in Oregon took place in his hometown, at the college he almost went to. He's dedicating this dance to that community.
OH MY GOSH. I'm literally just sitting here grinning. That was incredible! He nailed it. He had so much strength and intensity, and he executed it flawlessly. I love to watch him dance, he's absolutely amazing. I'm freaking out right now. I want him in top 3. 24/30.

Nick and Sharna-Nick's most memorable year is 1992. That was the year he met the Backstreet Boys and joined them. He had a really rough childhood, and the Backstreet Boys got him out of that environment and helped him. They're doing a Backstreet Boys themed routine this week.
Haha, that was a really cool dance! Every girl who was ever a fan wants to be Sharna right now! 27/30.

Carlos and Witney- His most memorable year is 2012. He's dancing to the song Amazing Grace, because it's one of the first songs he ever heard in church. After he toured, he hit rock bottom, didn't want to leave the house, and was smoking weed. He went to church because he wanted a change, and soon became a Christian. The Thursday after he started going to church, he met his wife at a Bible study. His story is so amazing. : )
Wow!!! He had one tiny stumble, but otherwise it was really good!!!!! Carrie Ann was super complementary of him, which made me really happy. 25/30


Paula and Louis- Paula's most memorable year is 1989. She started to really take control of her life that year. She's having some trouble really trusting herself and having confidence with this dance. You couldn't tell, though! She did a really good job. 18/30. Hahahahahaha!!! Oh my gosh Paula Deen you crack me up. That was the funniest thing ever. You whip your hair, girl!

Andy and Allison- Andy's most memorable year is 2009. In 2009, his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. He only had two or three days to say goodbye to her. That's so sad... He then wrote a song, and it was the start of his career. I wish I could say that I absolutely loved that dance, but I really didn't. It was alright, but it wasn't my favorite. Compared to some of the other dances we've seen, it wasn't as good. Hopefully I'll like it a bit better next week! (Also, if they make it to the finale, Allison will be six months pregnant??? Wow!) 23/30.

^These images came from @abcdancingwiththestars on Instagram it's a really awesome account :D


Bindi- (This is going to make me cry I guarantee.) Bindi's most memorable year is 2006. When she said, "I had the best daddy in the whole world," at her dad's memorial service, I almost lost it. Oh my gosh. And then they played Photograph in the package that made things ten times worse. I shouldn't be on the brink of losing it before the dance even starts. Please, nail this, Bindi.
OH MY GOSH. THAT WAS PERFECT. That dance was so beautiful, Derek could not have choreographed it more perfectly. I cannot even put into words how perfect the choreography was, it told such a beautiful story. And Bindi was flawless. I was on the verge of tears, it was insane. This is going into my top ten favorite dances. And then Bindi started crying once it was over and everyone in the room could feel how much emotion went into that dance. 28/30- SHE GOT A TEN!!! OH MY GOSH SHE GOT A TEN THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW THANK YOU BRUNO TONIOLI I LOVE YOU.


In jeopardy.....Carlos and Witney

Also in jeopardy......Gary and Anna


Going home...Gary and Anna.


I am so upset right now oh my gosh.

Dancing With The Stars should not be this emotionally draining.

Like, this has been such a draining episode oh my gosh.


Ugh I really wish Gary wasn't going home. I didn't want Carlos to go home either, not at all. I just wish it hadn't been Gary. I'm falling in love with this cast too much this is bad.

Hahaha! "The fact that I've been eliminated is false. My spirit will remain in this room throughout the show." xD
*Alfonso tries to cut him off* "I'm not finished. Stop."

He literally wouldn't stop talking oh my gosh that was perfect. xD


What did you think of tonight's episode?


  1. Oh wow that was an emotional post! Maybe I've just been really emotional lately but dang that was a tear-jerker.

    ALLISON'S PREGNANT YAAAY. She's my favorite (probably because she's the only dancer I ever watched). Is she going to stay on the show though? Typically pregnant people aren't allowed to do anything because no company wants to get sued if something happens to the baby.

    Ahh no I can't watch other people cry I'm such a sympathetic crier…
    THAT WAS SO PRETTY OH MY GOSH. Nope nope no I can't get emotional, this needs to stop...

    1. Hahahaha trust me it's not just you. For the two-hour entirety of the show I just blogged and died inside.

      I'M SO EXCITED FOR HER I LOVE HER!!!! She's one of my favorites too. I've heard that she actually is going to stay on the show though! Maybe because she's in such good shape? I'm pretty sure she said on Monday night though that she was planning to stay through to the end.

      I KNOW OMG IT'S GORGEOUS AGH!!!! Ugh go away emotions go away!




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