Thursday, September 24, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week 2, Night Two!!

Last night was hometown glory night, now it's time to delve into the professional dancers' backgrounds!! So excited for tonight, I love them so much. : )

I loved the opening number! Gosh, the pros on this show are incredible.

(none of these pictures are mine)

First up, Emma and Hayes! Emma is from Tamworth, England. It's such a beautiful place! Emma's dancing to a song that reminds her of her twin sister, Kelly, which was sweet. Haha, Emma trying to explain British lingo to Hayes was hilarious... I really liked that dance!! The choreography was phenomenal, her dress fit the music perfectly, and Hayes executed it really well. 23/30.

Next up, Witney and Carlos! Witney is from American Fork, Utah. Oh my gosh, the fact that Witney, Lindsey, and Jenna all used to watch Dancing With the Stars together, and now they're on the show is so amazing. Literally a dream come true for them. CAN I BE YOU? PLEASE? Dang, that was good! It was super slick and fierce, I loved it. The fact that Carrie Ann wasn't impressed is crazy. It was such a cool dance! 21/30. (Too harsh, guys..)

Hahahaha, oh my gosh.."I'm here doing an empathy squat for Carlos." xD Tom, you never fail to crack me up!

Anna and Gary are up next! Anna's hometown is Chelyabinsk, Russia. Oh my goodness, between Anna's extreme Russian, and Gary's overall crazy hilarity, that was the funniest package ever. I absolutely could not stop laughing. I love this pairing so much.. Anna- "I'm just From Russia With Love. I don't have a name anymore." Haha, I really liked that dance! I mean, I'll be honest, it wasn't perfect. It's a little slow, and he's not the best dancer on the show or anything, but he's so much fun to watch! I would keep him on this show forever if I could. xD I can't express enough how funny he is. Please, go watch him! Watch his package too, it was great. 15/30- IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIGHER. (Oh. My. Gosh. "If that's as high as they can count, God bless 'em." I love you, Gary Busey!)

Dancing next, Allison and Andy! Allison is from Utah, but she considers LA her home. They're dancing contemporary to a song that Allison says really describes her, so I'm excited. Contemporary is one of my favorites, and Allison is queen at it. OH MY GOSH THE QUEEN HAS SLAYED. THAT WAS SO GOOD I AM DYING I HAVE CHILLS AGH. AGH AGH AGH. I can't. I. Can't. That was absolutely gorgeous. The choreography was perfect, and it was executed so beautifully. Andy is so funny, "The comment last night, it kept me up! 'you're a musician!' *stabs self*" xD I love him... 23/30.

Next on the floor, Mark and Alexa! Mark grew up in England, and he's dedicating this rumba to his parents. This song is one of the last that his parents danced to as a married couple- I didn't know that they were divorced!! That killed me. I love his parents so much. And Alexa is going to do his mom's signature move. Oh my gosh. I'm going to cry... AGH. That was SO good!!! Alexa nailed Shirley's move. It was absolutely gorgeous and ugh I'm so emotional now this is terrible. Mark looked like he was about to cry at the end, it killed me. His mom was there!!!! And all of the pros knew about Shirley's move, it was really special. 22/30- THEY SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN ALL EIGHTS UGH. I'm super ticked off right now that should have been higher. (Edit: I'm going back editing this post and I wasn't even exaggerating I was freaking out the whole time...I love his parents so much and this should have gotten higher scores and UGH.)

Louis and Paula are next! Louis is from Amsterdam. OH MY GOSH. Louis's first students were Karina, Maks, Tony and Val!!! That's so special oh my goodness. I love that. My love for Louis has just increased even more. Paula wasn't quite as good tonight as she was last night, there were several mistakes, but she's very sassy and fun to watch, it's great. Hahahaha, Tom's comment to Bruno- "You are the creepiest chef ever." xD I'm laughing so hard! 18/30.

Next up, Derek and Bindi! Derek was born in Utah, but he lived in England for ten years when he was 12-22. Derek wants to do this kind of to represent his younger self. Oh my goodness, that dance was so beautiful. I was in total awe. There was so much grace and beauty, I was utterly transfixed. Bindi is phenomenal, and she and Derek are such a great partnership. UGH Carrie Ann's going to penalize them for having a lift. -_- IT WAS A PRETTY LIFT WHY MUST YOU TAKE OFF FOR IT WHYYYY. Erin is so right- Bindi is so sweet, she's literally a real life Disney Princess. (SHE IS GISELLE THAT'S IT) I think that Erin wants to have a sleepover;) 23/30.

Tony and Kim are dancing next! Tony is from war-ridden Kosovo, which made growing up really hard. Dance was his escape throughout all of that. The dance was really pretty:) Kim really has a lot of potential. She lost a bit of energy at times, but it was good overall. 18/30. (Edit: Apparently Kim had a stroke after the show- I wonder if she'll still be competing?)

Lindsay and Alek are next! Lindsay is from Utah, like Witney. Alex's been having some trouble this week with the stress. He's new to all of this, so I can see how it would be hard. He did a really good job on his dance though, to the song "American Girl". Carrie Ann was pretty hard on him- she's been hard on everyone tonight. She called them a power couple though, which was good. Bruno said that he's been the only one who danced on his toes. That's really good, most guys don't do that, they dance flat. 22/30.

Next on the floor, Karina and Victor! Karina is from Ukraine. She moved to America when she was fourteen, and it was a major culture shock. They danced to one of Karina's favorite songs, Girl on Fire. Karina did a really good job using the choreography to make up for the height difference. This was definitely Victor's best dance. He's so adorable, and he was super intense and awesome. I loved it. 20/30.

Dancing next, Sharna and Nick! Sharna is from Australia, and she's been away from it since she was eighteen. This has to be super hard for Sharna, because she never gets to see her grandmother and dad because they're both on kidney dialysis and can't come to visit her.
Wow, that dance was beautiful. The staging of it was very dark and classy, and the choreography and execution was gorgeous. I was in total awe. Loved it. 24/30.

Last up, Val and Tamar! Val is originally from Ukraine, but his parents came to New York to give them a better life. Oh my gosh, Tamar cracked me up. She did NOT want to do Val's idea about a girl coming after a guy and him coming out the door shirtless. Her sassiness is hilarious!
WOOOOOW. That dance was incredible! Tamar absolutely killed it. That was really difficult choreography, and she pulled it off flawlessly. Charleston is really hard, and I'm really surprised by how amazing that was, especially for week two. Loved it!! 25/30 (She got a nine!!! Wow!! That's only the second nine of the season!)


Now time for everyone's LEAST favorite part of the night- elimination.


The first couple in jeopardy is......Gary and Anna. NOOOO!

Joining them.....Victor and Karina.


No!!! I love both of these couples!! I really don't want either of them to go home!!! :(:(:(:(:(


Going home....Victor and Karina.


That's so sad!! I hate to see him go, he's so sweet. I'll miss him. 


What did you think of the elimination? What did you think of the dances? Who is your favorite couple?

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