Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week 2, Night One!!


(none of these photos are mine)

Apparently one person is going home tonight- oh no! I didn't think anyone would be eliminated until tomorrow! Ugh. Obviously I was oblivious.

First up, Nick and Sharna! His hometown is Tampa Bay, Florida. Nick is dedicating his dance to a teacher that he had when he was younger, which was sweet. He had some troubles with his shoes and he actually ended up throwing them off haha. His footwork wasn't great, and I thought he could have pointed his toes a bit more. It was a good performance though. The judges were kind of hard on him, in my opinion. It was a really fast dance, and I thought that it wasn't as bad as they said that it was.  21/30.

Next up, Paula and Louis! Paula was really upset by last week's scoring- hopefully this week she does better! Paula's hometown is Savannah, Georgia. It's really a beautiful city. Oh my goodness, I loved that dance!!! It was very beautiful and sensual, and then ending cracked me up. xD I really love to watch her! She has to work a bit on continuity of movement, but I was really impressed by her! She had a lot of grace, which was great to see. 19/30 (She should have gotten 7's.) Oh my gosh, the crowd was booing the scores, and Paula thought they were booing her xD It was hilarious!

Next to dance, Hayes and Emma! Hayes is from Mooresville, NC. I still don't know much about Hayes, but his package was sweet. The dance itself was good! It was very smooth, I liked it. 22/30.

Chaka and Keo are up next! Chaka's hometown is Chicago, Illinois. Her dance didn't have a lot of content to it, which was kind of disappointing. I feel like she could be pretty good, she has a lot of grace. She had a bit of trouble remembering the choreography as well, hopefully tomorrow night goes better if she's still in the competition. 15/30.

On the floor next, Andy and Allison! Andy's from Upstate New York. First off, I've just gotta say, I love the set! The flower/fruit stand, and the grate on the floor look so cool. Second, Allison is literally perfect, I love watching her dance. Lastly, that was great!!! The choreography was fabulous, it was so high speed. I really didn't think that it was that bad, the judges kind of tore it up. They said that it got really off, but I liked it. 21/30. (Also, can I just say that I loved his response? "Dancing is hard." xD )

Kim and Tony are up next! Kim's was born in Connecticut, but she's spent most of her life in Atlanta, Georgia. She did a LOT better this week than she did last week. I was pretty impressed. Last week she really wasn't very good, but she did really well tonight. 19/30

Next up, Alek and Lindsey! Alek is from Sacremento, California. Oh my goodness, I loved that. The song, the lifts, Lindsey's dress, the set...agh. I adored it. So pretty! It was a fabulous dance. So far, it's my favorite of the night! I'm really excited to see what else he does. I'm hoping that his lack of fame doesn't send him home early- he's one of my favorite contestants. I'll have to vote for him tonight. Oh my goodness, and those Obama jokes.. "Just wait till you teach Obama those lifts!" (He visited the White House earlier this week.) 23/30.

(They get two pictures because Alexa's makeup was on point.)

Alexa and Mark are next! Alexa is from Ocala, Florida. Can I just say, her outfit was amazing! The makeup was INCREDIBLE. DWTS's hair and makeup department is phenomenal. Their dance was really cool! I loved the concept, and Alexa killed it. 24/30. Will she beat Carlos tonight? ;)

Dancing next, Victor and Karina! Victor's hometown is just outside of Mexico City. Victor is absolutely adorable. He's so tiny and he seems really sweet. It's great. Oh my goodness, that dance was hilarious and great... I'm cracking up. 17/30.

Tamar and Val are up next. Tamar is from Maryland, and they're dancing to We Are Family. Haha, oh my gosh, "I don't want to thrust when I'm thinking about my family!" Tamar did a really good job, I liked the dance a lot. She's very sassy and sharp. She loses a bit of her performance when she's in hold, though. Otherwise, she's great. 24/30.

Next on the floor, Gary and Anna. Gary's hometown is Tulsa, Oklahoma. That was a really sweet dance:) Anna looked adorable! It wasn't perfect, but I liked it! Carrie Ann said that he didn't miss a step. Hahaha, Anna's reaction to score time- "Oh God, here we go..." They didn't do too badly, 18/30.

Carlos and Witney are up next! Carlos is from Columbia, Missouri. Haha, their package was so funny. I love Carlos and Witney as a pairing. They did really well!!! That dance was very graceful and pretty, it was gorgeous. 24/30- he tied with Alexa!!

Finishing up the night, Bindi and Derek!! Bindi is from Australia. :) Oh my goodness, I find it hilarious that Bindi's favorite music is hard rock. That's so great xD Oh my goodness, she is my favorite! Her facial expressions are seriously the best, and her dancing is phenomenal. 25/30- FIRST NINE OF THE SEASON!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now time for elimination...

The first couple in jeopardy is...Chaka and Keo.

Also in jeopardy.......Gary and Anna.


Going home is.....Chaka and Keo.


That was a really great show!!! I can't wait for tomorrow night!!


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