Thursday, August 27, 2015


Soooo, I had a fabulous back-to-school post all planned out. I had taken the photos, and I had everything planned out in my mind.

Then my computer broke.

That's right, my lovely laptop that basically held my entire life on it, has broken. Yay. And until it's fixed or we get a new laptop, I can't upload pictures from my camera to this blog.

Isn't life fun?

So unfortunately, that's why I don't have a back-to-school post to share today. I'm going to try to figure a way around it (maybe use my phone to take pictures? It's an iPhone 4, so it's not the absolute best quality, but it's better than nothing.), but for now I won't be able to do certain blog posts that I was planning on sharing. For now, I'll be using a different laptop, but I won't have any pictures from my camera to share. Sorry about that!

Since that post didn't work out, and I didn't really have a good backup plan, here's a bit of my life lately. Hopefully this post doesn't bore you to death! (Sorry, my life isn't the most fascinating...) I found these prompts on Pinterest, and I thought I'd give them a try.


Reading- The Hangman's Curse by Frank Peretti. I just finished it this afternoon- it was really good! I've also been catching up on lots of different blogs because I haven't had time this week- oops!

Watching- my free time drift away! xD Let's see, as far as watching things on television, I'm kind of growing obsessed with Hallmark movies...I told my mom the other day that I just want to quit school and watch Hallmark movies and eat chocolate and blog all day. Because that would be a super productive way to live.

Trying- to figure out how to manage my time better. Newsflash- I'm not very good at that. My schedule may say that I'm doing homework but I'm probably getting distracted by soundtracks. 

Cooking- absolutely nothing. But I really want to start making more scones and muffins for breakfasts because I really don't like breakfast food otherwise. (Scoooooooooonesssss!!!!! They're my weakness. My mom made some for me the other day and I kind of died of happiness.)

Eating- too much food in general. Thank the Lord for metabolism. 

Drinking- waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It's pretty much all that I drink. Except for frozen lemonade. Frozen lemonades are my happy place. 

Calling- .......nobody. *hides face* I'm really bad about actually calling people. I need to get better at that....

Texting- a friend about the most random things possible. Killer trees were a topic of conversation. 

Pinning- too many things in general. Lately I've been obsessed with writing prompts and fall outfits. My fall wardrobe seriously needs some sprucing up.....

Crafting- a photo wall! I'm really excited for it. I'm covering the wall above my bed with black and white photos. I literally love it so much.

Doing- too many things and not enough all at the same time. 

Going- to different school-related things, and shopping. I got a super cute pair of shoes the other day, which was definitely a high point!

Loving- Ed Sheeran music, frozen lemonades, the song Chasing Cars, reading, and seeing my super awesome friends again. 

Hating- Geometry. With a fiery passion. 

Discovering- that schoolwork goes by much faster when you're listening to Les Miserables. 

Enjoying- this novel-writing class that I'm taking. Gah I'm such a writing nerd.

Thinking- about what I should use for an audition piece, and also about how I'm going to survive first semester.

Feeling- really excited about a bunch of different things and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just get excited really easily.

Hoping- that you're actually still reading this and not bored to death by my rambling.

Listening- to music practically 24/7 because I'm learning that I don't function well without it. 

Celebrating- the fact that it's almost Friday!!!!! :D

Smelling- my different EOS and wishing that watermelon-scented things wouldn't be going away soon.

Thanking- my mom for being awesome and bringing me a frozen lemonade:):):):):)

Considering- taking ballet classes at a real studio again. Maybe.......

Starting- to clean my closet. Trust me, it's far overdue....

Finishing- this blog post!!!!! Yes, it's finally over. You're welcome.


Sorry that I didn't have better material today. I'll work on some different things that are hopefully more entertaining! :) 

What have you been up to lately?


  1. At first I read the Finishing on too fast and I thought it said "this blog" instead of "this blog post" and I had a mini heart attack

    1. Hahaha!! Oh my goodness! xD Yep, that's it. That's how I'm ending this blog. Hope that you all liked it!! ;);)

    2. I like the new font btw. I thought you were recycling your April Fools post but then the post ended and I freaked out….and then read it again and felt very stupid haha

    3. Thanks! I felt very techy when I finally figured it out xD Haha!!! Sorry to freak you out! Gosh, that really would be an awful way to end a blog...


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