Saturday, August 22, 2015

July Favorites!

 Did anyone else feel like July was kind of a weird month? Like, in a way it seemed to be really fast, but at the same time I think back to the beginning of the month, to the Fourth of July, and it seems like it was ages ago. Time is kind of a weird thing. It's so slow, but at the same time it's so fast. Right now, I just wish that things would slow down. Everything seems to be moving super fast. We're already three weeks into August, school is about to's so weird.

I'm sorry that this favorites post is kind of late! Between party prep, the actual party, test prep class, life in general, and all of the other posts that I've had to work on, I haven't had time to get this out yet. (Agh and it's almost September...I'll accept my bad blogger award now.) But hey, I guess it's better late than never!!

Let's get into the favorites!!!


This flat iron spray. Oh. My. Word. I'm pretty sure that I posted a bit about it at the beginning of July when I bought it, but I had to include it in this favorites post, too. This spray is an absolute life saver. It keeps my hair straighter, cuts down on frizz, helps keep my hair from going crazy with all of the humidity, AND it smells good. What more can you ask for??

I've been super obsessed with my Naked 3 palette!! It's so beautifullllllllll! Love ya, S ;)

This shadow has been one of my go-to makeup items for July. I've worn it almost every day, unless I was using my Naked palette. It's just so shimmery and pretty, I adore it. I really need to go back to Target and look at these again....


 I seriously love this album so much. Oh my gosh, the music is just so incredible. GO LISTEN TO IT. Noooooooow. 

Especially during the beginning of the month, I really enjoyed this album. I'll admit, it's kind of bubblegum-pop, but I actually like it.

As you all could probably tell from my Photo A Day challenge, I listened to this album a TON during July. It was kind of a month of throwback T-Swift music!

This one is super random, but I seriously love the musical It Shoulda Been You. Oh my goodness, it's so funny! I wish that I could have actually seen it live, but it closed. I'll have to stick to longing over photos on Instagram, I guess! If you want to see a taste of it, Google "It Shoulda Been You Today show". So. Funny!!!! (Granted, the fact that I first saw this first thing in the morning before an early rehearsal might have something to do with the fact that I couldn't stop laughing, but that's totally irrelevant.)

I didn't have a picture for this favorite, but four words- Butter Pecan Ice Cream. For some reason in July, I was reallllllllllllllly in love with it! So yeah. That's slightly random. ^But that's why it's under randomness, I guess!


If you haven't yet had a chance, I would really appreciate it if you checked out my last post and answered a couple of my questions in the comments. :)

What were some of your favorites during July??



  1. Butter Pecan Ice Cream???

    i love that SO MUCH. ugh now i'm craving for some <3

    heehee, cute post dear grace xx

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, Butter Pecan is seriously the best. <3 Thanks so much, ?Elisabeth! :)


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