Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May!!

I say this every month, but gosh, this is weird. May? Really? That's so weird.

To be honest, May kind of freaks me out. So much...ends in May. School ends. Recitals and performances are going on 24/7. And don't get me wrong, I adore summer. I count down the days until I don't have to look at another Algebra problem. Until balancing Chemistry equations is a thing of the past. Sleeping in is the norm. But..a tiny part of me is sad. Because after May, everything changes. And honestly, sometimes that change really isn't for the better. Friends change schools, and you don't get to see them anymore. Teachers that you love move on to different jobs. People graduate and go off to college, and poof- they're gone. Every year has a different feel, and the old year is now totally over. Just memories. I'm also one of those people who actually really likes high school. And frankly, I don't want to graduate. I love where I am right now, and graduating, moving on to college...I just don't like the idea. May is one year closer to that becoming a reality.

I feel like this post is kind of depressing, which wasn't the goal. I just sat down to write, and this all kind of...flowed out. I love May, because all of the events are a lot of fun. I just hate things ending. This wasn't exactly my happiest Happy ____ post, sorry. What's your opinion?


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    1. Okay. I still get the graduating angst. I'm years away from that but I'm still panicking over it. My sister is a Senior though and she says by the time you are one you reeeeally want to graduate, so I think I'll get used to that (:

    2. I can only imagine...I'm sure by then I will be SO done

  2. SAMEEE. May is such a bittersweet time. For me, a lot of my friends leave for the summer, and like you said, it's another year closer to going into the real world. Gahhh, it's scary.
    But at the same time, summer is such a great time for memories, but I do feel such a bittersweetness. School classes and who I'm the closest friends with at school usually changes from year to year, and I have no clue how that will play out. I guess it's just trusting that God knows what He is doing with my life :)
    I'm going to miss a lot of people this summer, so that makes me sad, but I'm so ready for a break from school :)

    1. Exactly!! It's somewhat terrifying.
      Same here. Things change every year, and honestly I'm not ready for that. Agh. I hate change, so it freaks me out.
      YES! I can't wait to not have school haha;)


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