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DWTS Finale & Finale Results!!!

Hey everybody! So, I'm actually combining the Finale and the Finale Results into one post, because-
  • A: The finale was only an hour long, so my post on it is fairly short (WHY WAS IT ONLY AN HOUR?? WHY??)

  •  B: I was actually on vacation for the week (I'll post about that soon!!) and didn't have time to put this together, so I figured I'd put it all into one post instead of spamming you all with two back to back! 

And now, without further ado.... IT'S FINALE NIGHT!! Oh my goodness, I can't believe that this is the finale! I'm quite nervous to see how it all plays out..

First up, Noah and Sharna!

They decided to recreate their Argentine tango for finale. No offense, but I didn't think that it was wonderful. Personally, I thought it was better the first time around. I agreed with Carrie Ann, she was the most honest with him about it not being great. I loved Len's comment when everyone booed him- "Don't moan if you don't phone."XD 32/40.

Riker and Allison-

I'm so happy that they did their pirate Paso! I LOVE that dance. :):) It seriously gives me chills every time I watch it. Oh my gosh, when they finished dancing, Len stood and clapped......and clapped....and clapped...and clapped. He stood forever. Oh my gosh, I absolutely DIED when Len said, "Riker, that was EPIC". I'm laughing so hard. (For those of you who don't actually watch the show, imagine that in an old British accent. It was beautiful.) All of the judges gave him raving remarks. 40/40!!!!!

Rumer and Val-

Rumer and Val decided to repeat their week one foxtrot, which they originally scored a 32/40 on. It really was great to see just how much Rumer has improved throughout the season. Her stage presence is INCREDIBLE now. She danced beautifully. The judges adored it, and you could see in the audience just how proud her dad was of her. 40/40.



I love freestyles so much. I'm so excited!! Not that you can tell or anything. Because I'm calm, cool, and collected as always. Right.

Noah and Sharna-

 Sharna really wanted to bring a lot of vulnerability to Noah's freestyle. I really liked the floor portion of the dance. The lift towards the end was also really cool. Overall though, it wasn't my favorite. It was beautiful, but nothing to write home about. The judges all loved it though, and went on about how beautiful and inspirational it was. It must have translated better in real life than it did on TV. 40/40. (I would have scored nines, but oh well.)

Riker and Allison-

Riker and Allison trained super hard for their freestyle. I've been really excited to see it! They always do so well. Let me just say, WHOA. They did not disappoint. I liked all of the different styles that Allison incorporated. It was great! A really fun number. I wish they could have spent more time with the judges, but they were short on time. :/ 40/40!

Rumer and Val-

Rumer and Val decided to go with something very dressed down, because it fit their personalities better. I thought it was so cool that they created their own music! They did a cover of Toxic, with Rumer singing and Val playing violin. Their dance was really cool, but it didn't feel like a freestyle to me. It was a bit too classical. I really enjoyed it though, it was very well executed. The judges liked it, saying it was raw and beautiful. 40/40.


And now, The Results!!!!


I can't believe that it's finally the finale!! This is so crazy.. I'll just warn you, I won't have as many pictures of this night, because they're just harder to find online. Hopefully my emotional frenzy will make up for my lack of pictures.

I loved the opening number! Nastia's lifts were so cool. I miss her..WHY, AMERICA? WHY DID YOU ELIMINATE HER?

 YES! I was really happy that Riker got the encore dance. Hopefully he'll win! I loved Riker and Allison's little dance outside. That was fun. :)

 RedFoo performed Juicy Wiggle next. That was both bizarre and hilarious. I cant decide which. I've got to say, I wish he hasn't been eliminated first. He would have been interesting to see in the different ballroom styles. I can't quite picture him in some of the more classical dances..

 Charlotte did part of her California Girls routine next. I can't get over those crab background dancers..

I loved seeing Sadie and Alfonso dance together! They're two of my favorites. :) Sadie is seriously so cute. *gasp* I can't believe that Alfonso is taking over AFV!! That's so great!

Suzanne did great with her Copa Cabana routine. She cracks me up, she's great...

 Hahaha, Robert's cha cha was so funny. I miss seeing him..I really want him and Kym to be together! I know that some photos were released of him and Kym kissing in Palm Springs, so maybe there's hope?!

The dance with Noah and Amy Purdy was pretty. I'd like to see a full-length dance with the two of them, that would be really cool.

Seeing Chris and Witney's Footloose dance again was funny. It was better than the first time around, that's for sure. I have to admit, he's definitely improved this season.

 I'm so glad that Nastia did her Charleston again! I absolutely adore that routine. It's sooooo good!! Agh. WHY DID THEY GO HOMEEEE???? Not bitter. Totally not bitter.

HAHAHAHAHA, I loved the trailer for "Dance Hard". XD I want to see that movie!!! Can someone please make that a thing?

Yay, Willow did her wonderland dance! I love that one:) Mark is seriously such a creative genius.

Hahahaha, the bloopers...I love it. What I would give to see their seriously, just to sit through a dress rehearsal, that would be SO. MUCH. FUN.

Oh my gosh. Derek and Julianne are going to dance togeteher. I'm fangirling so hard. That dance was really cool!! The Houghs are so incredible. And those kids were great! They could totally hold their own with Derek and Julianne, which is insane. I cannot express my love for that number enough.

Haha, it was so fun to see Patti again. I just adore watching her. Gotta love the Patti shuffle!! XD She highlighted her hair, it looked good! 

Now, it's time for the 24 hour fusion round!

Noah and Sharna were up first with a cha cha/Argentine tango fusion. They did a really good job, especially considering that they only learned it within 24 hours. The couple scored 26/40, which I thought was fair. He scored a total combined score of 108/120 for both nights.

Riker and Allison were next with a salsa/quickstep fusion. That was good! I really liked how Allison choreographed that number. Haha, Len called him "the boy who brings joy." 40/40. That makes a perfect score of 120/120!

Last up, Rumer and Val close the fusion round with a foxtrot/paso doble fusion. That was really pretty. :) (Can I just say that I really like her lip color! Is that from her makeup line?) Len said that she was as good as anyone else who'd ever been on the show. Wow. That's a very high compliment from Len. 40/40.

Oh my gosh, when Len said "This is definitely the last ten" I nearly bawled. WHY ISN'T HE COMING BACK? I'M GONNA GO CRY, OKAY? OKAY. I'M DONE.

Patti sang "Two Steps Away" as some footage played of the final three couples. You could see everyone starting to get emotional. It's going to be interesting to see who is the first to be eliminated.

Time for results.. The couple in third place is....Noah and Sharna. That's what I expected, to be honest. It's going to be tough between Riker and Rumer.

I really want Riker to win, but I kind of think that Rumer will be the one to win. Agh, I'm so nervous!

And the winner is....

Rumer and Val!

*sigh* That's disappointing.  I was really hoping that Riker would win. :/ Oh well. Rumer did well throughout the season.

So, what did you think of the finale? Should Rumer and Val have won? What did you think of the dances throughout the night? And what is your opinion on Len's departure?

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  1. Awww ): Well, they made it that far. I kind of felt like Rumor and Val would win too, they just had the winning look. But the past few dances for Riker were like all 40/40, soooo ):


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