Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week Seven!!!

Yes, I know that this is insanely late. I've actually had it close to being written for a few days, but I've had to find pictures, polish it, etc. Ugh. I have like, three or four DWTS related posts in my drafts. Aren't I a good blogger? -_- So that's why you'll probably be spammed by DWTS posts this week. Sorry!

Anyways, enough of that! Time for week seven!

The opening number was so classy! I loved all of the yellow dresses. And that song is so great. This week, every team is dancing from a different era.

OMG!! YAY!!! The double elimination is postponed until next week! I'm so happy!! Thank you, ABC!

(Julianne's hair isn't pink anymore!! I really like her hair better when it's blonde.)

Riker and Allison- They have a 1920's baseball-themed quickstep. His goal for the week was to get a 10 from Len and I have to say, I was seriously hoping for that! He did an amazing job on that dance- the footwork was impeccable! Quickstep is a great dance for him. I didn't love his costume, but the dance itself was great. His judges comments were really good, especially from Len! And the score..... HE GOT THE TEN FROM LEN!!! YAY!! I may or may not have screamed when that happened. I though the other judges were too hard on him. 9's? Really? 37/40.

Chris and Witney- They have a 1940's foxtrot. The costumes are seriously adorable! Witney's so cute haha. I'm not a huge Chris fan, but I've got to admit, that was a cute dance. Witney did a great job on the choreography for that number. I felt like Chris was kind of flat-footed though. Len also said he needs to polish up when he's in hold, which I agreed with. 31/40.

Rumer and Val- Rumer's dad decided to visit, which was super sweet. She was so happy:) They obviously both have the same insane work ethic. Rumer hurt her neck the day before the show, which was really sad to watch. She's so tough, seeing her break was hard. It didn't show in her dance at all though! It was so fun and bubbly and cute, I loved it. The judges were a bit critical with her though, about some tiny things like arms and keeping her spot. I thought Carrie Ann giving her an 8 was kind of harsh... 35/40

Noah and Sharna- I hated how they made Sharna look last week. That was annoying, and Noah was very upset. It was great though, Amy Purdy came by to talk to Noah. Hahaha, the story of the dance was Noah leading a 1970's gang. That's just hilarious. I love Noah and Sharna, but that dance just wasn't my favorite. It was kind of weird. The arm motions were cool though, and the judges seemed to really like it. I mean, it was good, but it just wasn't my favorite. I thought Rumer's was better. 36/40.

Robert and Kym- Robert's package was so cute. He gets so happy! I love it. They seriously are really great. They're adorable together!! Agh. Wow, their dance was REALLY good. I love the Argentine tango, and I thought he executed it really well. The judges are always hard on him though. I honestly could have killed Carrie Ann when she gave him that 7. He deserved 8's or 9's. She's in a bad mood tonight. 31/40

Nastia and Sasha- I actually that Derek was injured online before we watched the show and FREAKED out. He's one of my favorite pros so I was kind of upset. What happened was, while rehearsing for the 10th anniversary special, Derek broke his toe, and then when he went to get ice for it, he severely sprained his ankle. Unfortunately, Derek couldn't dance this week. He was so funny though, he would NOT stay still. That was really funny. Now, on to the dance...OH. MY. GOSH. CAN WE JUST AGREE DEREK IS THE BIGGEST GENIUS EVER? Oh my gosh. He managed to still incorporate himself in the dance, and the choreography was even better than usual. It was INCREDIBLE. Agh. I'm fangirling so hard. Nastia really did a fabulous job too, she wasn't as much of a gymnast, she was a dancer. I would have given them a perfect score, to be honest. 38/40

Willow and Mark- They did a futuristic nin-jazz dance. The creativity on Mark's part was insane, but it just wasn't my favorite dance. Jazz isn't one of my personal favorite styles, so I just didn't love it. IT was very well executed though, and the judges liked it. 37/40.

After the individual dances, the contestants competed in a dance-off. First off, Riker and Allison competed against Willow and Mark. I liked Riker's dance a lot better, but the judges chose Willow and Mark to win.

Next, Robert and Kym danced against Noah and Sharna. I would have chosen Robert and Kym but again, the judges disagreed with me. This time however, it was a tie- but Noah won because Len is the tiebreaker. *sigh*

Last up, Rumer and Val danced against Chris and Witney. And I mean let's be honest, that's no competition. Rumer and Val were the winners!

Now time for the hard part. Elimination.

The elimination was between Rumer and Val and Willow and Mark, which was tough. In the end, Willow and Mark were eliminated. I guess the odds just weren't in Willow's favor tonight.

It was super sweet, when Willow was eliminated, she was really upset, and Tom said,  "Can I not be a TV host for a second and be a dad?" And then proceeded to comfort her. I love Tom Bergeron. He's so great. :)

I was really upset that Willow went home though. She should NOT have been eliminated before Chris!!! Ugh.

What did you think of this episode? More DWTS posts coming soon!


  1. Willow and Mark getting eliminated... talk about shocker of the season! I watched a little of this week. What was the opening song??

    Molly Marie

    1. Definitely a shocker!! Oh goodness, let me was something very classic like New York New York although, that wasn't it...

  2. Awww Willow got out? I was rooting for her ):


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