Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week Eight!

Again, this was late. Sorry. But hey, once I post the elimination results, I'll be caught up! ....and then have to do it all over again. I'm trying, I swear!
Now, on to the dancing!
 (None of these pics are mine btw I found them all online)
Noah and Sharna- Hmm. That was good, but I didn't love it. It didn't really FEEL like a tango to me. I know that it's a hard dance for him but it just wasn't my favorite. I agreed with Carrie Ann's comment about it feeling blocky. 31/40

Happy Birthday to Erin, by the way! Love her so much:) She's definitely my favorite female host on this show of all time.
Chris and Witney- Oh my goodness. That is the first dance from Chris that I have actually LIKED. It was beautiful. And can I just say, Witney can flat DANCE. The choreography was amazing. Chris is finally developing a bit of grace, it's really great. :) He scored 34/40.

Riker and Allison- Oh my gosh, I died in the package with the penguins and the cactus...Those two are so funny. Riker had a lot of trouble with the emotion of this dance, which I know is always hard. He did AMAZING though. The dance was beautiful, and his vulnerability was amazing. The judges agreed-39/40

Robert and Kym- Haha, I love that all America wanted from them was for the two of them to kiss! And the best part...THEY DID!!! Yay that made me sooooo happy. The dance was pretty, too. 33/40

Nastia and Derek- Gotta say, I'm SO jealous of that girl who got to FaceTime with Nastia and Derek! I'd die. I would fangirl so hard. Wow!! That was super cool. I loved the gladiator theme of the dance. It was super intense! Hahaha, I loved Len getting sassy when everyone booed him. "Talk to the hand!" He had some great retorts tonight. 36/40

Rumer and Val- I felt so bad for Val in the package. He was being so sweet:) not going to lie I think they're kind of cute together. The dance wasn't my absolute favorite, but technically it was really good. :) Rumer's great at technical dancing. 40/40

I'm so happy that Dance Center is back!! Gah I love it:) Can't wait!

Now, time for trios!

First up, Sharna, Noah, and Emma! I felt like their dance was difficult, but it just wasn't my favorite. XD and oh my gosh, when Bruno fell out of his chair- I. Died. That was hilarious!! Pulling a Carrie Ann, are we now Bruno? 32/40

Next up, Chris, Witney, and Lindsey! I didn't love this dance either. Parts of it were really cool, but I felt like other parts were awkward. The judges didn't seem to like it either. I agree with Len- "Okay but not great." 30/40

Riker, Allison, and Britney were up next! Oh my goodness, that boy can MOVE. He's really good! I love to watch him dance. He honestly cracks me up. He's so talented though, he honestly could win.  39/40- I wish he'd gotten 40!!

Robert, Kym, and Jenna- Robert was so cute in the package! I think he liked two women a bit too much;) He wasn't perfect, but I thought it was cute, and he did a good job of picking back up after he made some mistakes. 29/40

Nastia, Derek, and Sasha- Nastia had a hard week but oh my gosh, that dance was incredible. Yet again, Derek was an utter genius and it showed in the choreography. It was insane. Len said it was INCREDIBLE and he seemed in awe. Julianne said it was the best trio she'd ever seen. Bruno said it was total genius. Carrie Ann said it was beyond brilliant. I honestly have no words. It was SO good, and the choreography was phenomenal. 40/40

Rumer, Val, and Artem- I thought it was funny in the package how everyone wanted the boys to go shirtless and Val said he was being "exploited". XD her dance was technically flawless. The judges loved it- another 40/40!
Who will go home? We'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out! I'm so happy that the Tuesday night shows are back- they're so much fun! :)

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