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Dancing With The Stars Week 8- Results!!

Hey everyone! Well, the results shows are back, and I'm here to share them! I actually live-blogged this, but then I had to edit, thus why this post is so late. -_- I'll warn you, I've tried to make this understandable, but if you don't watch the show you may be a little confused. I'm sorry! Also, I really couldn't find many pictures online, so that's why there aren't many in this post. :/

Anyways, I'm so glad that the results shows are back!! I love them so much. :) it's two consecutive days of DWTS!!! Even though elimination is depressing...

The encore dance that the judges chose was Rumer Val and Artem's paso! I've got to say, I wish they'd picked Nastia's trio..

Time for Rumer's results! She was so happy last night, and she should be! Her scores were flawless. And the verdict is....SAFE!

Time for one of my favorite things... DANCE CENTER!
"We wanted 3 experts but we only got one" XD

Relationship status: It's Kym-plicated
Waist: skinny
Wallet: fat

They did this whole segment on how Robert was trying to bribe everyone, it was hilarious!!

Strength: Juggling multiple women
Favorite flower: Red rose

They then had a segment joking about how he had "kindergarten math skills." "He can count, just not to the beat of the music." Len quipped. They then showed a whole tape of him trying to clap to music and failing epically.

"Harry styles is his spirit animal"
Hair: Styled like that on purpose

Riker's joke was that his hair was actually faked, and they had tons of pictures to "prove" it. ;D

Ah, my love for Dance Center is eternal...

Now for Chris and Witney's results. They jeopardy

Next up, Carly Rae Jepsen performed. Gosh, she looks different! I hadn't seen her in a while. Not my favorite song, but the troupe's dance was good. Of course it was- Emma choreographed it!

More results- Noah and Sharna! Noah had some trouble during dress rehearsal, I felt bad for him. I know this show has to be a struggle. But they're safe

Now for Robert and Kym- Robert was really upset by his scores. Poor guy. AND HE WAS ELIMINATED. AGH. Excuse me while I go cry and eat ice cream. And that end killed me. "Robert I have known Kym, we've been friends from years- you may have not won a mirror ball trophy, but I think you've won someone's heart. That's not bad." "Well Tom I just don't feel that way about you." But seriously, Tom knows Kym really well. He would totally know if she had feelings for Robert. GO! GO HAVE SHARKAROO BABIES!!

Back to Dance Center!

Nastia (Nasty) Liukin-
Favorite drink: Opponents' tears

Haha, there was a whole segment about Nastia not wanting to answer questions. It was so funny! :D

More of a man than you are
Abs: washboard
Arm: 1
Leg: 1

Noah is called an inspiration, and then several jokes are made about Sharna knocking out his tooth. 

Roller derby champion of Idaho

Rumer had said that people teased her, calling her "Mr. Potato Head", and so of course Dance Center pulls out a Mr. Potato Head doll. The best part, though, was when Len was dressed up as Mr. Potato Head!

Next up a company called Shaping Sounds performed. It was insane! They did their entire dance around walls, and the athleticism was just incredible.

Now, more results-

Nastia and Derek- Nastia looked like she was about to cry when they played that package. Poor girl.. Nastia, people don't think you're like that. AND YOU'RE SAFE!

Riker and Allison- They had such a great night last night! But oh no...they're in jeopardy. His face broke my heart..

Next, Josh Groban sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and Maddie Ziegler danced. Oh my goodness, that girl is incredible. What I wouldn't give to be able to dance like that...

And now, for the final results...

Going home...Chris and Witney! Phew! I was so worried. I've grown to like him a bit more, but Riker is one of my favorites. Riker looked so sad when he thought that he might be eliminated, it killed me. I'm so glad he's safe...I felt bad for Chris though, he was crying.

Well, what did you think of this episode? Do you agree with the results?

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