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Dancing With The Stars- 10th Anniversary Special!

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Oh. My. Gosh. I am SO excited for this. I've been watching this show since the very beginning, so the 10th anniversary is really special for me. :)

It was so cool to see all of old favorites! Pros and celebs alike, I was fangirling super hard. I have to say, I was really excited to see the old pros. Louis and Ana made me very happy. Mark and his dad danced! I screamed. And I screamed again when I saw Meryl and Maks. Biggest ship- EVER.

I loved Tom and Erin's entrance on the giant 10! Perfection. :)

I swear, watching all of the old winners replay was so fun. I loved so many of these pairings, it was great to watch.

I was so sad that Derek was injured. I really wanted to see him dance with Mark. It would have been SO great. Seeing them all jam to Uptown Funk was really fun though. I just wish Derek could have done it. :/ It was so funny seeing Candace mouthing the lyrics in the audience! I love her. :)

Seeing the mishaps segment was SO funny. There have been so many!! And the drama segment was just painful. I really DON'T need to see Kym's neck snap again and again and again. The tantrums were just sad. Some of them were really funny, but some were just bad. Agh.

OH. MY. GOSH. Len and Maks on the bicycle built for two made my life. They have the best love-hate relationship ever.

The inspiration segment was incredible. There have been so many incredible people on this show. They have been through so much, and their dances have been so inspirational to all of us. I love them so much.

It was so much fun to see Alfonso and Witney again. He is SUCH a great performer, and I love to watch Witney dance. She's amazing. They were such a fabulous pair! Oh my gosh, the thing about Witney's medical skills- "Need a snack?" XD

Seeing Meryl and Maks again was incredible. I didn't think I'd ever see a new dance from them, and I was so happy that I thought I would explode. They both had the sweetest smiles. :) Oh my gosh, when they showed Maks's audition video, I couldn't breathe. I was dying. So. Funny. XD Maks is the best.

It's so cool to see how the dances have evolved throughout the years. The show has just changed so much from the first season to now, it's incredible.

Next, the judges chose their favorite dances-

Len's package was so funny. Seeing Len in that bright yellow- hilarious!! He picked Helio's quickstep, which was fabulous. So technically accurate.

Carrie Ann chose Amy Purdy's contemporary. That was absolutely insane. I cried when I watched that, and I never cry. So beautiful.

Julianne chose one of Donald Driver's dances for his artistry. I remember that dance, it was sooo good.

Bruno of course looks for passion, so he chose Mel B's paso. That dance was really intense, it was great!!

The football players' dance was funny. They're always interesting to watch. Some of them have been REALLY good, and others haven't been quite as fabulous haha. Still, the dance was fun, and it was great to see Ana! I love her. :)

I always say it, but I just love Patti LaBelle. She's so funny and so classy. :) She just makes me really happy haha. I also really love Amber. She was so great on the show with Derek, and her personality is just so big and bubbly and fun. I'm not a huge Lil' Kim fan, not going to lie. The three of them sounded great together though.

Watching everyone dance at the end was so much fun. I love this show so much. Here's to another 10 years!!

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