Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dancing With The Stars- Week Six!!!! (Plus THE BEST NEWS EVER.)

Spring break, anyone? That was the theme of this week's Dancing with The Stars episode, and it did not disappoint! (If you want to read about the best news I've seen all week, read the bottom!)
I've just got to say, WOW, Julianne's hair is pink. Very bright! I liked it better last week...

First up, Patti and Artem! They had a quickstep, which she said was a part-two to Hotel LaBelle. Patti was so funny in her package, I love her. 
Okay, I cannot say how much I love Patti LaBelle. That dance was SO great. She did a fabulous job- even though she lost a shoe!!! She was so professional and did an amazing job. 29/40- I was so happy she got an 8!!!

I love that Tom went barefoot after that....
Nastia and Derek were up next with a Tango. Nastia looked really tired in the package, but you couldn't tell once she hit the floor! The dance was SO cool. I loved it. Whitney looked to be in awe in the stands. I got really mad at Julianne, she said they were disconnected, but I loved it. Tango was a good dance for Nastia because she's very serious and driven. On Derek's part the choreography was really cool, as usual. I also really loved the costumes this week- they were awesome! Len didn't like the choreography, which bugged me. I absolutely adored it!! Haha, Derek summed it up as "That was terrible! That sucked! That sucked! But other than that it was fabulous!" She only got 34/40 which makes me super ticked off. It was SUCH a good dance! Ugh.

Willow and Mark- haha, they found out that willow has an extra rib, which was pretty funny. "Hungry? Need a Kit Kat? Need some ribs?" It was super cute, but not her BEST dance. The ending was really cool though, and Willow's just adorable. They fact that she's only 14 still blows my mind. I didn't like that the judges were nicer in their comments to her than they were to Nastia; I liked Nastia's dance better. 34/40

Robert and Kym- oh my gosh, Kym seriously looks like a Barbie doll. She is a human Barbie. Robert was really upset by his poor scores last week. I felt bad for him. I seriously love Rovert and Kym together. Like, get married. ;) That dance was great. He's the cutest thing ever.  It was so Spring-Break adorable. The judges are in bad moods tonight though. They weren't very nice to him, but I didn't think his dance was that bad. Hahahahaha! I loved that Erin tried to get Kym and Robert to kiss. ;) they got 28/40, which I still think was low. 

Noah and Sharna- they had a rough week training. At this point in the season, everyone's stressed, and emotions are running high. They danced a rumba that was absolutely GORGEOUS. Sharna, you are a choreography genius. I loved it. So beautiful. It was so sweet how much Noah was upset saying the package made Sharna look bad. He's great. As Len put it "You're an amazing guy". I loved that. Haha, Erin- "You think that was tension? Have you ever seen Maks?" 29/40- wish that'd been higher 

Rumer and Val- I love them asking everyone what bootylicious means... Haha, that dance was good! Rumor got a little off for a second at the beginning, but she did a good job overall. The judges were kind of harsh though. "Ballroom not a bedroom!" It was a bit raunchy but I didn't think it was horrible. Val and Rumer accepted the comments quite graciously though. 32/40

Chris and Witney- I got really happy when I learned they were dancing to Hopelessly Devoted To You. I love that song!!! Haha, that package though- rhythm is not Chris's thing... I loved the theme of the dance. Witney looked so pretty and I loved the carousel. The dance wasn't great. He and Witney don't have any connection, in my opinion. My sister said he looked more like her dad LOL. The judges really liked it though, so maybe it was better in person. I just didn't like it. 31/40

I loved Melissa!! 
Tom: "Do you want any hosting tips?"
Melissa: "Yes but I just don't know anyone qualified with enough experience!"
Tom: -_-

Riker and Allison- I felt bad for Allison, being under so much pressure. Good for her though to have to guts to say they wouldn't dance to that. I really loved that dance. They did such a good job, as usual. Len was kind of odd in his comments, I didn't quite understand what he didn't like. It was a good dance! Although whoa, I wasn't expecting two tens! Gosh! It was good, but I didn't think it was THAT good. 37/40

And now, time for the team dances!!!! Agh, I love team dances so much, they're sooo cool. :)

The team captains were Nastia and Rumer. Nastia got first pick, and chose Willow. Rumer then chose Riker. Nastia chose Robert, and Rumer chose Patti. Nastia then chose Noah, and Rumer was stuck with Chris.

Nastia's team, team Yolo, was up first, and was very stressed out because Nastia couldn't rehearse until Saturday. Derek also couldn't be there until Monday morning, which was crazy. Everyone was very worried for this dance, because they hadn't had much time to rehearse. Derek has never lost a team dance yet, but I've got to say, things aren't looking good for Team Yolo.

Oh. My. Gosh. They had so little rehearsal time, but that was INCREDIBLE. They looked so great! All of the solos were so fun and athletic. To quote Len, they were "tight, together, and terrific." I can't believe that they did so well with so little practice. Nastia's solo was so great- dang that girl is flexible! Haha, Bruno cracked me up- "Willow, you are hot! ...I wasn't trying to be creepy!" Their scores were fabulous- 39/40. That's going to be hard to beat!

Next up, Team Trouble! Their dance is about a bunch of kids in detention on the last day of school. Haha, Patti cracked me up- "We are ready to destroy them!" Oh my gosh, I died when Rumer told Derek that Patti was doing backflips. He freaked out. XD That was great...

I really enjoyed Team Trouble, but I didn't like it as much as Team Yolo. They were good, but they didn't bring as much excitement or dynamic to the routine as Team Yolo did, in my opinion. Team Yolo was just more fun to watch, and it looked like more fun to dance. I've got to say, I loved seeing Miss Patti in those sequins. Love her! The judges really seemed to like them though. Not going to lie, I'm kind of praying here that they don't get 40...And, the scores...They tied! 39/40! That kind of bothers me, I've got to be honest. I didn't think that they were as good.

And now, time for elimination.

Next safe...Noah and Sharna!

Also coming back next week.....Riker and Allison!

It's now between Robert and Kym and Patti and Artem.

Going home.....Patti and Artem.

I'm so glad that Robert is safe! I'm really sad that Patti went home though. She was so much fun to watch. She should NOT have gone home before Chris. Ugh. Haha, Robert and Kym just looked so stunned, it was really funny. I'm so sad to see Patti go home though. :(




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