Friday, February 20, 2015

Phone Case Reviews

Hello all! This past Christmas, I got my first iPhone, an iPhone 4, and I immediately HAD to get some cute cases! I found a bunch of really cute, cheap cases at Best Buy on sale, and now I wanted to show them to you all and review them!

You won't believe it, but this case was only 50 cents! That's right, 50 cents- with free shipping! :) You can't do better than that. I really love this case, it's SO cute! I'm really into anchors, and it's one of my favorite colors. The only problem I have with it is that it's gotten dirty kind of easily. Around the corners and the edges, it's started to get dirty, which you can kind of see in this image. I don't know if that's a result of the light color, or if it's bad material, or what it is. Maybe from sliding it in and out of my back pocket? I'm not sure. I kind of hate to use it now, because I don't want it to get dirtier. It's such a great case though, that I'm kind of disappointed. I would still give it 3/5 stars, though.

I have mixed feelings about this case. I think that it's REALLY cute, but it's not very protective.
See, I wish that this area was covered. Plus, the case is really just plastic, so I don't think that it would keep my phone safe were it to drop or something. It's so cute though, so I'm a bit torn. It also was REALLY hard to take off- it took me a good ten minutes to get it off of my phone. It wasn't expensive though, I got it on sale for around four dollars. Originally though, it was thirty- that's insane! I can't imagine paying that much for this case. It's cute, but it's really not that great. I would probably only give this case 2/5 stars.

This case. THIS. CASE. I am so torn. First off, let's just say-the case is flat out adorable. But there's this problem. 
 I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but the turquoise is this weird patent leather insert. I just really don't like that. It honestly looks like heavy duty cardboard. I mean REALLY? And this case was originally $35!! Granted, I only got it for four, but still, why would you price it $35 in the first place? I also just don't feel like it gives much protection. It's pretty much the same as the pink and gold case, protection-wise. Ugh. I just wish that this case was better made. I've got to only give it 1/5 star.
Edit: I hadn't used this case much when I wrote this post, so I have one thing to add. Using this case took my cell service away! Almost immediately after I put it on, my phone had to search for a signal. Then it lost it completely. After popping it off, I regained three bars instantly. Are you kidding me? Um, can I give it 0 stars?
This case is my absolute FAVORITE. It's probably the best case that I've ever owned, iPhone or otherwise. It's an adorable print, and it doesn't get dirty easily like the anchor one. I've had it on my phone almost constantly, and it's still in pretty much perfect condition. It also protects my phone really well, as I've dropped it several times, and my phone is still safe! ;) My old phone had tons of chips and scratches, so I'm determined to keep this one in good condition! Anyways, I love this case so much. And it was only twenty-five cents! I really can't believe that I got these cases so cheap. 

So, I just thought I'd share these cases with you. The two that I really liked, the anchor case and the diagonal striped case, were by Dynex. The other two were by Incase.

Where do you buy your phone cases?

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