Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dancing With The Stars Cast!

Hello lovelies! :) I really love the show Dancing With the Stars, I've been watching it for as long as I can remember. Probably since the first season! I have such a passion for dance that I adore watching it every week. Since I love the show so much, I thought that I'd blog about it a bit this season, especially since it's the big Season 20!! :):) And what better place to start than the cast list?

1. Patti LaBelle and Artem Chigvintsev. I really don't know much about Patti LaBelle, so I can't really comment on her much. I've seen Artem in previous seasons, and he's not like, my favorite pro, but he's alright I suppose. Just not one of my big favorites.

2. Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess. I'm really excited for this pair! Sharna is one of my favorite female pros, and although I don't know much about Noah, he seems super cool. He's a double amputee, and I think it will be really interesting to watch his journey on the show.

3. Charlotte McKinney and Keo Motsepe. I'm not thrilled for this pair, I've got to be honest. Apparently Charlotte McKinney is a model who was in an ad eating a burger in lingerie. Sorry, not impressed. And I've got to say, Keo is not my favorite pro. He was new last season, and he just seemed really arrogant.

4. Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson. This will be a fun pair! Robert is from Shark Tank, and he seems pretty interesting. And I adore Kym!!!!! She left the show for seasons 17-19, but now she's back and I couldn't be happier. I just love her so much!! :):):)

5. Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough. Okay, I'm just predicting right now. They're going to be in the top three, and most likely win. They are definitely the biggest competition, hands down. Nastia is an AMAZING gymnast, so she has great flexibility and athleticism. Gymnasts always do great on this show. And Derek is the best. He was actually a big surprise, because he wasn't supposed to do this season, but he surprised everyone at the last minute. I love his choreography so much, being a dancer I just think that it would be so insane to dance to his choreography! It's brilliant. I could ramble for hours about it, but let's just say it's brilliant.

6. Riker Lynch and Allison Holker. I've heard Riker before in his band, R5, and their music is really cool. He's actually Derek's second cousin! Allison is a newer pro, I don't know a ton about her. I didn't like her partner last season, so I'm hoping that I like her better this season.

7. Willow Shields and Mark Ballas. This is another pair that could totally make it to the top three. I have to say, I am SO jealous of Willow Shields! She is the youngest competitor ever on this show at only fourteen years old. It's my dream to do this show, so I'm so jealous haha. ;) Mark is another of my favorite pros, he's a lot like Derek and has great choreography. I'm super excited to see what this pair can do!

8. RedFoo and Emma Slater. I love Emma so much! She's so sweet, and such a fabulous dancer. I'm not a huge RedFoo fan though, I wish that Emma had a different partner. Oh well.

9. Suzanne Somers and Tony Dovolani. I don't really know much about Suzanne Somers. Tony's great though, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this pair does!

10. Michael Sam and Peta Murgatroyd. Another celeb I don't know much about, but I love Peta. She's great!!

11. Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy. Gosh, I need to learn more about celebrities. I don't know Rumer either. I love Val though! He's hilarious haha.

12. ??? and Witney Carson. We don't know who this celeb is! I adore Witney though. She's so cute, and such a great dancer! :) I wonder who the celeb is? We were given the clue 'rose', so maybe the Bachelor? I hope not haha. I don't have much respect for that show....

So, do you watch Dancing With The Stars? I'm so excited!!


  1. I am so excited for season 20, especially Derek and Nastia <3

    1. Yay, someone else who watches!! :):):) Yes, they're going to be SO good <3

  2. I've heart a lot from that show, but I haven't actually seen it. Looks like I'm missing out on so much haha!:D Wow.. I guess I'll start on season 20!
    Such a great post Grace <3<3
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Haha yes, you definitely should watch it! Such a great show :) thanks so much for your sweet comments, June!

  3. I've never actually seen the show, but I really should get around to watching it!

    1. Oh really? Yes, you definitely should! :D It's one of my favorites. So much fun to watch! :)


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