Monday, December 29, 2014


Hello, Everyone! How was your Christmas? I haven't posted in over a week, and for that I'm extremely sorry. I just got so busy with the magic of the holiday season that I decided to take a bit of a holiday hiatus. I have to say that it really helped me to get back in the blogging mood, as now I'm brimming over with blog post ideas to share with you all!

I hope that you had as great of a Christmas as I did! It was truly a great day, spent opening presents, stuffing our faces with amazing food, and spending time with family. :) How was your Christmas? Tell me all about it in the comments section!!!

So, I've spent the majority of the afternoon working on taking pictures of some of the gifts that I received for Christmas to show you all! I'm really excited for all of my posts about them, although I have to tell you, they are taking AGES to put together. Well, you can't say that I don't work hard at blogging!! 

What was your FAVORITE part of Christmas day? There was so much to enjoy, I honestly don't know what my favorite part was! I of course loved seeing all the presents, and watching my family open the gifts that I gave them. The food was so good, I honestly think that I gained five pounds that day! My sisters and cousins and I had a big Nerf gun fight, and that was so much fun, I nearly died laughing. It was just such a fun day.

Oh! So, I've been working on my New Year's posts, and I wanted to ask all of you lovely readers a question- do you have any ideas for some Blog Resolutions for the new year? I'd like to make some for myself, although knowing me, who knows if I'll actually end up following them? ;)

Well, that's all for tonight! Hopefully those Christmas haul posts will be up soon! :):) <3

~Grace Anne

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