Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas!

Hi everyone! Now, I don't know about you, I feel like gift buying can be really tough sometimes. I'm still looking for gifts for a few people, so if you have ideas, leave a comment below! Anyways, I thought that I'd post a Holiday Gift Guide of some ideas that I use or think would be a fun idea! :)

Most of these gifts are for girls, and are great for a sister, best friend, cousin, or any other special girl in your life. Most of these are pretty inexpensive, because I know that it can begin to add up when you have to buy a lot of gifts. So hey, you can get more gifts for less cash! Anyways, here's twelve great gift ideas! :)

1. Candy

Candy is a really easy gift that pretty much anyone will love! I personally like getting a few movie-sized boxes and tying them together with some curling ribbon for a cute touch. This is also a gift that you can give to guy friends, brothers, etc. who are impossible to shop for!

2. Jewelry

Now, I'm not talking about Tiffany's (Although if anyone wants to get me something from Tiffany's, I won't complain! ;) ). You can go to shops like Claire's, Icing, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Target, Charming Charlie's, American Eagle, or Aeropostale, and get several cute pieces of jewelry for a really great price. (Watch for 10 for $10 at Claire's- it's the best!) I like to watch for sales, and then get a bunch of stuff and keep it stocked for birthdays or Christmas. Then when the holiday rolls around, I just put it in a little box or bag, and you're ready to go!

3. Shoes

Shoes are a bit harder to give, and they also cost a bit more, but hey- every girl loves shoes! If you know your friend's shoe size, they make a great gift. Sometimes you can get some great shoes for a pretty good price at Target, Forever 21, or Charlotte Russe. Side note, be sure that you don't get shoes that will have to be...punished O.o

4. Lotion/Perfumes

Most teenage girls LOVE different lotions and perfumes. Almost anything scented makes a great gift. Bath and Body Works has some great stuff, and it smells SO good. If you're getting something scented, however, make sure that you know whether or not she's sensitive to scents. For some reason, I can't wear a lot of scented stuff because it gives me headaches. As long as she likes scents, they make a perfect gift!

5. Books

If she likes to read, books are always a great gift! You can get the next book in her favorite series, or pick out one of your favorites and pass it on! Books are another gift that you can give to guys as well as girls, so they're a good option.

6. Makeup

I always get really excited when someone gives me makeup. :) A cute eyeshadow palette always makes a great gift! I actually just recently found a palette that I purchased from Claire's a while back, and was quite impressed with it. I'll have to post a review of it after the holidays. :)  Anyways, you can get some really cool palettes, brush sets, and gift sets around Christmastime almost everywhere. I really love getting the E.L.F. sets; you get a lot of cool stuff for your money. You can also get some really cool makeup bags from places like Forever 21 or Target, and they make perfect gifts. :)

7. Music

iTunes gift cards make great gifts for both guys and girls. You could also get a CD that you know they have been wanting. If they play music, you could also get them a book of sheet music by their favorite artist, or from a favorite show or movie.

8. Accessories

Purses, scarves, and hair accessories are always a good gift. You can go to any of the places that I listed to find jewelry and also find some really cool accessories. Typically they aren't very pricey, so they're a good low budget gift. :)

9. Ornaments

After all, it is Christmas! A cute Christmas ornament makes a cute and personal gift that can be enjoyed for years to come. :)

10. Something Handmade

Can you knit or crochet? Do you make jewelry? Maybe you're an artist. If you have an artistic talent, a homemade gift is always perfect. You can make something really personal and unique, and the person you give it to will love that you spent the time to make them something.

11. Clothes

If you can find a cute t-shirt and know her size, clothes are always a great gift!! :)

12. Gift Cards

When all else fails, get a gift card. If you've been spending days trying to find the perfect gift and you're on the brink of insanity, just get a gift card. You can get one for their favorite restaurant, or for somewhere like Target or their favorite store where they can pick out something that they like. 

Hopefully this has helped you come up with some gift ideas! Do you have a good gift idea? What are you getting for people? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!! :):)


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