My Makeup Bag

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So, this is my makeup bag, where I keep *most* of my makeup. The things like big containers of powder or my liquid foundation don't always fit in there, but other than that, this bag basically holds everything I need! I got it as a gift, and I love it. :) I'm not sure how well it translates in this photo, but it's basically a denim look, with bright pink trimming. It has kind of a plastic covering, which is great if something spills. My old makeup bag was actually fabric, and I have a black stain on it from when my liquid eyeliner tube leaked EVERYWHERE. (That was awful, by the way...) If anywthing gets on this bag, it just wipes right off! Luckily I haven't had my eyeliner leak again, but whenever I've gotten some powder on it, it wipes right off, whereas it would probably have stained my old bag.
It also has plenty of room, for all of my eyeliners, shadows, lipglosses, mascaras, lipsticks, and brushes. 

An inside view!!!!
So, like I said, this was a gift, but I think it's from Forever 21, so if you're looking for a new makeup bag, Forever 21's the place to go!
Where do you all get your makeup bags? Let me know in the comments!! :)


  1. That's so awesome that makeup can just wipe right off! All of my bags get so gross with makeup so I think it's time to invest in one of these!!

  2. Yeah, my old one was constantly staining! Love this new one :)


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