Monday, August 25, 2014

My Rucksack!! :)

Isn't this a cute bag? I got it for my birthday over the summer. It's an American Eagle bag, but my mom found it at Payless. (They sell AE stuff there) I wish that I could use it for school, but I'm homeschooled and go to a twice a week co-op, and we don't have lockers. :/ Thus, I can't carry a six pound chemistry book easily in this bag. If you had lockers, however, I would TOTALLY recommend a bag like this. I'm going to use it for my dance and drama classes, because it's easily large enough for that. Stay tuned for later this week, where I'll post what I carry in my backpack!! :) Any back-to-school blog post requests? Let me know in the comments!!! :)

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