My Love For Scented Sanitizer Is Eternal

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I admit it. I'm obsessed with scented hand sanitizers. But then again, who isn't?? There are tons of different scents at Bath and Body works to choose from. I always get excited around Christmas, because I usually end up acquiring a few from stocking stuffers! :) Plus, the germaphobe in me loves them during flu season- they kill germs AND smell good? What more could I ask for?! Plus, you can get those adorable little plastic grips, so that you can attach them to a purse or backpack.

Ooh la la! So cute! <3

Yep, it's a cat. Because cats are amazing, that's why!

I ADORE the Sweet Clementine, and the Pink Chiffon smells absolutely ah-MAY-zing!! What are your favorite scents?? Comment below! :)

~Grace Anne

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