Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How I Get Ready For School In 40 Minutes!

Hey everyone! So, first off, I'm so sorry I couldn't post yesterday! My goal was to post every day this week, but that didn't exactly work out... I went back to school today, so yesterday was a frenzy of getting ready!
So, I know that it can be hard to get ready in the mornings, especially for us girly girls who want to do hair, makeup, etc... I get stressed out about it pretty often, to be honest! However, I'm usually able to be out of the house in forty minutes, so I thought I'd share some tips for you all on how to spend as little time as possible getting ready, so you can get some much needed sleep!!
The Night Before-

-Get your backpack ready (yes, I know we've heard this since first grade, but it's true. Just look at it this way-every minute you spend on finding that silly essay is one less minute of sleep!)
-Do any hair prep you can. I always wash my hair the night before, and if I'm able, I like to go ahead and straighten it as well. That way, all I have to do in the morning is minimal touch ups, or adding something small like a braid. Saves you about ten minutes!!
-Think through what you're planning to wear. I'm not asking you to lay it out, (although if you're one of those super organized people, go right ahead. I'm not...) just start thinking it through.

The Next Morning-

-Force yourself out of bed as soon as the alarm rings. Please, don't hit snooze! You WILL fall back asleep. It's worth it, trust me.
-Head downstairs to grab something to eat (quickly!). I try to spend as little time as possible on food, because I never seem to be hungry in the mornings. If you drink something like coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, go ahead and make it and then bring it to your room with you. You can drink it while you get ready/in the car. 
-Daily things. Wash your face, (please!!! Be kind to your skin!!) brush your teeth, put in your contacts, etc. Get those things out of the way first.
-Decide what to wear and get dressed. I always to this first, so I can see what the outfit looks like before I start working on hair and makeup. Don't forget to accessorize!! :)
-Makeup. Ladies, I know we tend to love to play with every color on that eyeshadow palette, but when you're rushing for school, it's just not the time. If you really want to do that, get up five-ten minutes earlier. Otherwise, I usually schedule about fifteen minutes for makeup. Mascara, eyeliner, foundation, a touch of eyeshadow, fix your eyebrows, and add some Baby Lips, and you're good to go! I should do a tutorial of my everyday makeup sometime. Anyone interested? Comment!!
-Hair. Now, if you did as I suggested, your hair is already nicely straightened! Congratulations! You may have to do some minor touch ups, but that's about it. You now have a bit more time if you want to play with some fun braids or twists. If you didn't do your hair the night before, just schedule a bit of time. I'm able to do it in about fifteen minutes, if I'm planning to curl or straighten it. Just realize that it DOES take time, and account for it!
-Anything last minute. Now's the time for that quick spritz of perfume, to grab your wallet or phone to fix any last minute makeup, and you're out the door! Congratulations! You're ready for school! Should I congratulate you or console you? I'm not quite sure. Oh well, you're ready!!
I hope that this helps you! Do you have any tips for those rushed mornings? Comment below!! :) <3 I love hearing from you!


  1. You should do hair/makeup tutorials.

    1. You think? Thanks! :) I'm actually in the middle of doing a sock bun tutorial, and I'm planning to work on some new posts this weekend. :):) Stay tuned!!! So hopefully I'll have some up soon. Thanks for reading!
      -Grace Anne <3

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