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     That's right guys, I read Flashpoint! WARNING- If you don't want to read spoilers, I'm also going to post a spoiler-free book review right after I finish this post. But if you want to read this version, hey, I won't judge! Maybe you somehow got a copy like I did early, and want someone to rant with. (In which case comment on this post- I will be happy to rant! Trust me, I have a lot to rant about with this book…) Or perhaps you're one of those people who just doesn't care. I've always wanted the book to be a surprise, but I've known people who like to read summaries before reading the actual book, so if you want to, by all means, read ahead!
     So, I have to admit, all in all, Flashpoint was a pretty good book. Gordon Korman is on of my favorite 39 Clues authors, so I was all too happy to see that Flashpoint was going to be written by him. The book begins with Dan being held by Galt and Cara Pierce in their helicopter. (The very helicopter that killed Pony. Still not over that!!!) He's interrogated with truth serum, until he knocks himself out with chloroform. You go, Dan!! He wakes up once they land, and is able to escape with the help of…drumroll please… Cara Pierce! I was quite impressed with that.
     While all this is going on with Dan, everyone else is on a plane, looking through Pony's computer for new information when they find that Pony was tracking something- or someone- on Pierce's plane. Any ideas on who/what? I was quite shocked…
     Before I go any further with what's going on with Dan and Amy, let's check in on Sammy and Nellie. They're still imprisoned in Trilon Labs, but they are starting to gain the upper hand, through Nellie's fabulous cooking. She has become the chef, and who knew just how much more people will like you if you serve them some good French desserts? Meanwhile, she and Sammy have a master plan- they're going to blow up Trilon Labs.
     Back with the rest of the Cahills, everyone is in Cambodia, trying to find the last ingredient in the antidote- Tonle Sap snake venom. They have to find this last ingredient- and fast- because Amy's symptoms are getting worse and worse. (I'd just like to say, really Amy? Really? Taking the serum? I know she was trying to save Dan, but I just can't help thinking there had to have been another way…) She's starting to have awful hallucinations, that are getting more and more distracting. Jonah and Hamilton go to a crocodile farm in hopes of finding the snake, which apparently used to be used to feed the crocodiles. It's not used anymore, due to the snakes being close to extinction, but there happened to be one in the water. The only result of Jonah and Hamilton's attempt, however, were two very wet boys who are probably banned for life from that crocodile farm…
     This chapter was possibly the most heartbreaking in the entire book, at least for me, anyways. I am a HUGE Amian shipper, I have been ever since the third book. (Jamy fans, please don't kill me in the comments section…) I mean, they were always just SO cute! Plus, I think that they're really meant to be together, since Ian changed because of Amy's influence. When she saved him from falling off of Everest, something just clicked. She helped him to become a better person, the person that he is today. I also think that they really should be able to connect with each other. They've both dealt with an insane amount of grief and loss to only be 16. Amy lost her parents, and feels responsible for the deaths of Evan, Natalie, Erasmus, McIntyre, and many other people, and Ian lost his entire family through Day of Doom. Thus I think that they both have a pretty good idea what the other is going through. All that to say, in my mind, Amian is the perfect couple. So that's why Chapter 9 absolutely broke my heart. Ian is at Angkor Wat with Pony's computer, trying to find out what Pony was tracking. Suddenly, Pony's laptop starts to be wiped, and Ian sees a girl sitting outdoors on her laptop typing furiously- she's obviously the person who is wiping the laptop. It only takes him a split second to realize who it must be- April May, the mysterious hacker, the only person in the world with hacking skills that rivaled Pony's. As Ian confronts her, however, he realizes April May's true identity- Cara Pierce!!!! That's right guys, April May is Cara!!! I'd wondered about that, but I hadn't really been sure. Turns out, Pierce has no idea that his brilliant hacker is his own daughter. She's done all this secretly, because she realized that she couldn't trust her father anymore. In talking to her, Ian sees that she's just like him- struggling with the fact that she has to betray a parent, trying to change. Exactly the position that he himself was in two years ago. Ian is in love. This girl is, in his words, 'practically his soul mate'. So as of this book, Amian is probably never going to happen, and I'm heartbroken. I'm really quite happy for Ian, but I just don't think it's right. Amian used to be such a major thing, and even in the last three books, there were still little signs of it. But now Amy has Jake, and Ian has Cara. I know this is horrible, but I was almost hoping that Cara would get killed off in the battle against Pierce. (FYI, she doesn't….) I kind of felt the same way about Jake, so I don't really know what to think. There's still going to be one more series, and I don't really know what I want to come out of it. Should they stay the way they are? I suppose that Jake and Cara could be killed. It wouldn't really surprise me, but I kind of doubt that the writers would do that. Unfortunately, I think Jamy might be here to stay. :( I can't say it would bother me if they were killed off… (again, Jamy shippers, please don't kill me!) What do you guys think? I don't have anyone to talk to about it, since none of my friends read the books, so let me know your opinions in the comments section!!!!
     Within the next few chapters, Galt terrorizes the Cahills, chasing them with his goons everywhere that they go, and Nellie and Sammy are still working on their plan to blow up Trilon. I have to say, Galt, in my opinion, is a really annoying character. He's basically a Tomas on steroids, which gets really old. It's just chase, chase, chase. He never uses any skill, which bothers me. Then again, I'm half Lucian, so I guess that's why. The Cahills end up having to be rescued from Galt by none other than Cara herself, and they also manage to find the snake, which was in Ian's shoe. (He wasn't too thrilled about that!)
     Amy really doesn't trust Cara, but she agrees to let her come with them. Amy insists on tying Cara up, but she escapes in the middle of the night- with the snake! Everyone panics, until Cara walks in with the snake in a nice new aquarium, ties herself back up, and plops onto the floor. It's a really funny scene, but I think it was a great way for Cara to prove her trustworthiness.
     Back at Trilon, Nellie and Sammy succeed in blowing up the lab, with Dr. Callender in it- a total plus! Before they accomplish the task, Sammy tells Nellie just how much he cares about her, and Nellie gives him a kiss. Ah, a couple that I'm actually okay with! I think that Sammy and Nellie are really sweet together. :)
     The Cahills fly back to the States, so that Sammy can create the antidote in a hidden underground lab at Harvard. The antidote creation is a success! There's only one problem- Amy refuses to take it. She says that she wants to have the benefits of it as long as she can to help defeat Pierce. Jake is totally against it, but Dan sides with Amy. They need all the help they can get. The only fear is, will Amy live long enough to take the antidote?
     The antidote was tested on Fiske, thus saving his life. I was soooo happy! I was certain that he would die in this book, so I was thrilled that he lived.
     Amy is given flying lessons, so that she can operate a crop dusting plane to deliver the antidote in a spray form to Pierce and his goons at the clambake on Pierce Landing, where Pierce is planning to announce his run for presidency. Meanwhile, Dan goes to visit Saladin, who's staying with Aunt Beatrice. Aunt Beatrice is a huge Pierce fan, (figures..) and she mentions to Dan that Pierce was madly in love with Dan's mother. Pierce never got over Hope, so he of course hates all of her descendants.
     Finally, the time has come. It's do or die. Dan, Ian, Hamilton, and Jonah sneak onto Pierce Landing much before all of the guests arrive, and hide in a shack. Amy, Jake, Atticus, and Sammy are on land, preparing the crop duster with enough antidote. When Jake and Amy take off in the plane, Jake tries to give Amy the antidote, but she slaps it out of his hand. He's absolutely horrified. Will she live long enough to even get the plane to Pierce Landing?
     During the flight, Amy's muscles stop working, and she's unable to fly the plane. Jake has to take over, and is alright with Amy guiding him. They spray the clambake with antidote, but Amy then passes out. Jake hastily injects her with antidote, but it might be too late. The plane crash lands in the water, and Jake desperately tries to keep himself and Amy afloat. They are both about to die, when Amy wakes up. Relieved, they both begin to stroke for shore.
     Back at Pierce Landing, everyone is panicking. Those who don't know about the serum and the antidote have no idea what was just sprayed over them, and they're petrified that they've been poisoned. Pierce is furious, and Debi Ann is able to use his fury to humiliate him with the cameras all watching. His run for presidency is ruined, but he still has another plan. He runs into the house, with the Cahills and Cara following close behind. He sets off a timer for six nuclear bombs to go off all over the world. The Cahills have a mere five minutes to figure out the abort password. With two seconds remaining, they discover the password- HOPEOLIVIA, after the girl he always loved.
     With Pierce defeated, everyone is able to return to their lives. Jonah begins touring again, with Hamilton as his manager. Amy and Dan decide to take some time off, and finally travel- without being chased. And as for Ian and Cara, they are running Cahill Headquarters together back in Attleboro.
I have to admit, although my heart was shattered *tears*, this was a really good book. After Day of Doom, I was thrilled to read a series finale book that was actually good! I can't wait to see what the next series holds in store! :) Tell me what you all think in the comments section!!!! <3


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  3. Nice review! I love Amian too!:)

  4. i did not read it yet! thanks for the spoiler!!!

    1. I'm sorry that you hadn't read it yet! I explained that this post had spoilers though, so you should have known ahead of time.


  6. JiffDoe22:
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  7. I personally shipped Amy+Evan (RIP Evan, I cried so hard!)
    but this was a fantastic book report, and I loved every. single. dang. word. of. it! Nice job!


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