Saturday, November 30, 2019

Everything around me is golden these days. 

I drive down the winding roads that I know like the back of my hand, lined with crimson trees and fallen leaves, the warm afternoon light leaving everything tinged with a glow.

The world has been painted in red and orange and I'm painting myself with it, too, grabbing a paintbrush and tracing the colors up and down my arms. If I paint the colors on my skin, will they stay?

Whenever I can, I curl up in my little nook under the blanket from Jamie and soak in the light warming my white walls with golden hues. I work or I read or I just sit and watch the light dance.

And for a moment, everything is still.

My heartbeat keeps time with the rhythm of it all, the alarm clock ringing and the swing of the car door and my footsteps on the pavement as I trek the familiar paths.

And everything is golden.

I thought the hues would have disappeared weeks ago, but they're holding on, and I am, too. Autumn has wrapped her fingers round more tightly than I'd expected, but I'm not going to be the one to pry them loose.

I laugh with him and hug her and whisper stay stay stay as we hurry and move and run through our days. The boxes are being checked and the due dates are being met and I return to my nook of it's good. 

Then the busy stops to breathe and the turkey comes out and for a few days, everything seems to halt.  The world is silent but my mind is loud, asking question after question because it's never seemed to like silence.

I laugh with family and eat what would probably be considered too many forms of potatoes and I breathe in the quiet.

And then the next morning, I sit on my bed and crack open the spine of journals packed away months ago. My fingers trace handwriting crammed tightly on the page some days and scribbled wildly others and I marvel at all that can happen in a year. I think that oftentimes gratitude for where you are can only increase when you look at where you've been, and those ink stained pages always remind me of that. They remind me of how much changes and how much stays and of Who is in control of it all. They break me and they mend me, and their weight stays present on my chest for the rest of the day.

And everything is golden.

And I know that the gold is giving way to crimson and the grip is loosening every day and the light is changing. Because Ponyboy was right, nothing gold can stay. But my mind keeps taking snapshots of every ray of light, and I wish that I could live behind a camera but I can't. I can't. God knows that I try, but I can't.

My winding roads will soon be growing barer as the mountain trees succumb to winter's breath. The light will change, and I will change, too. The ink stained pages remind me of that. But they also remind me that I am held. I am held, even when I can't feel the grasp. My grip doesn't hold, no matter how I exhaust myself trying. But I am held.

So I soak in the gold. The paint will fade from my skin, but I let it stay while it can. I keep filling the pages. I keep taking the snapshots. I keep sitting in the sun.

Resurgence Blog Tour || (in which my heart explodes) || Book Review + Author Interview + GIVEAWAY!

Monday, September 30, 2019

photo credits to the amazing K. A. Emmons 
I just want to shout about this book from the rooftops. 

Back in 2017, I had the honor of helping coordinate the blog tour for my dear friend Kate Emmons's debut novel, The Blood Race, and here we are, two years later and the final book in The Blood Race series, Resurgence, is officially out in the world. 


Word have always been my thing, but when it comes to how proud I am of Kate, there are none sufficient. I will always laugh when people try to tell me that blogging friends aren't "real" friends (whatever that means), and Kate is one of the biggest reasons for that. Over the last three and a half years of knowing her, she has never failed to be one of the most constant sources of wisdom and encouragement in my life. She speaks truth with grace, and makes you feel like you can take on the world.

But let's be honest, most of you already knew that, because most of you know Kate. And in knowing her, you know that she is one of the kindest, most talented souls that you can ever have the joy of encountering. So today, we're here to celebrate her, and this incredible trilogy that she's created. Kate, getting to see you bring this dream of yours to life, these books that you have poured your heart and soul into, has been such an honor. You are one of the most brilliant, empowering people, and I couldn't be more grateful that our paths crossed. Love you, love you, love you.

If you have yet to dive into The Blood Race series, close out of this post immediately and go get your hands on the first two books, because they are the most incredible journey. Then pop back here and celebrate with us! Resurgence might just be the best one yet.

In celebration, we're partying here on the blog today with my full review of Resurgence, an interview with the queen herself, K. A. Emmons, AND a giveaway!



It's always the most bittersweet feeling, seeing a series that you love come to an end. The characters become like old friends, and there's always that bit of anxiety, knowing their story is going to wrap up. I don't know about you, but I've read too many series that were going beautifully - until the final book, where everything crashed and burned before my eyes, ending in the worst way possible. Needless to say, you get a little nervous about series finales after that. 

Resurgence, on the other hand, could not have been a more perfect final book to the The Blood Race series. 

Words fall short when it comes to this one. I've always said that Kate reminds me of a modern C. S. Lewis, and the sentiment still stands, even more strongly than before. Her work has the most beautiful thread of allegory throughout that really just can't be described. You have to read it for yourself to truly understand, but wow, what a beautiful book. I was on the ARC team, and I devoured this book in one sitting over Labor Day weekend. My poor family didn't quite know what to think as I secluded myself out on the porch, unable to step away from the masterpiece that was Resurgence. 

The best way that I'm able to describe it is that this book somehow manages to shatter you into a million pieces and yet make you feel a little more whole. There are a thousand different themes woven throughout, which I love. Everyone who reads it is going to get something a little different out of it, but somehow exactly what you need. 

I loved seeing the characters each reach their resolution. Like I said - it's like following an old friend. These characters have my heart, and seeing their stories come to a close was so bittersweet. But oh, Kate wove them together so brilliantly. Over and over throughout the book, I found my jaw dropping.  The way that her brain works - I just can't fathom. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. 

Resurgence just might be my favorite book in the series. It's incredible in a thousand ways, and I just can't recommend it enough. It is pure art. Read it, please. I promise, you need this story. 

RATING - ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

photo again via Kate...isn't she the cutest?

My favorite part of blog tours is always getting to chat with the author and hear more about the heart behind the book. Kate, thank you so much for taking the time to dive deeper into Resurgence with me! 

How does it feel to be finishing The Blood Race series?

It feels great as well as surreal…I’ve spent so much time in this world and with these characters that it’s hard to believe it’s over...but then it never is over really, because it lives in my mind.

What has been your favorite part of writing this series, and what was your favorite part about writing this book specifically?

My favorite thing about writing the series is how much it’s taught me and how much I’ve grown as an individual while writing it. Each of the characters have taught me things about the world and myself, and for that I am forever grateful.

What is the biggest thing you want your readers to take away from The Blood Race series?

I hope they take away whatever they need to; whatever their soul needs. There’s a lot in the book, and everyone sees things differently. My hope is that the idea that we are powerful shines through strong, that there is so much more going on than we realize, but ultimately I hope each and every reader finds what they personally need in those pages.

Which book in the series was your favorite to write and why?

Worlds Beneath. That book changed my life.

What was the hardest part about this whole process for you?

Mostly just the business aspects of publishing a book - all the many little technical things that aren’t generally my forte. But! It’s been a lot to learn and in a good way.

Is there anything you would do differently with The Blood Race looking back on it all?

If I could do it all again, I would SLOW DOWN and SAVOR MORE. That’s the best advice for young writers in my opinion...slow down and savor it. No need to rush. 

What has been your favorite part of putting your books out into the world? What has it been like seeing people all over the world reading this story?

My favorite part is when I get an email or a message from someone saying that the book impacted them in a positive way. It’s humbling and such an honor to think that I could contribute something worthy. And oh man, it’s surreal at times...knowing my book is “out there” and that people I have never even met before are reading it. Wowza.

What is the biggest advice you would give to someone hoping to publish a book?

Keep writing. Believe in yourself. Believe in your story and write it YOUR OWN WAY. 

What do you have up your sleeve next? 

Oh, just a few surprises! ;)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

In honor of the release of Resurgence, enter to win a FREE ebook copy! Open now through October 9th. Enter now!


When she’s not hermiting away in her colorfully-painted home office writing her next science fiction, passionate story-teller and adventurer Kate Emmons is probably on the road for a surf or hiking trip, listening to vinyls, or going for a power run.

Emmons’ debut novel The Blood Race is the first book in her YA science fiction/fantasy thriller series.

The novel follows main character Ion, a troubled teen with unusual powers which he struggles to keep concealed. Through a series of strange occurrences, and a run-in with Hawk, the beautiful, mysterious, yet savage girl next door, Ion involuntarily stumbles headlong into an extra dimension—a secret reality that’s been hidden since the beginning of time; one that was made especially to protect and train teenagers with the abilities he possesses—”anomalies”. A secret place of intense training, hidden from humanity and created to defeat a rising darkness which a prophecy declares could swallow future earth.

Emmons lives in the often-snowy hills of rugged Vermont with her husband and dog named Rocket.




Have you snagged your copy of Resurgence yet?? What are you waiting for?! Already read it? Tell me what you thought in the comments! I'm dying for people to fangirl with. You don't want to miss this one - it is incredible.

thoughts from a september sunday

Monday, September 23, 2019

September's almost over, but I feel like I'm just saying hello.

Maybe that's because I've felt like I've missed a lot of hellos lately. Life has been busy, but that's nothing new. We're all busy. The beginning of a new season is just a new attempt at figuring out how this round of balls needs to be juggled. It's a balance, finding the precision of the right speed and force with which to keep everything moving at once. And then there's the settling in, the rhythm of it all that finally emerges. There's no change in the speed or force, or the balance required. It just becomes a little more familiar, a little steadier.

I'm finally settling in to the steadier, a month into it all. For a while I got tired of filling blog posts with the happenings of my life, but I've come to balance that with the fact that this will always be a diary of sorts. So think of this post as a quick coffee date, where we sit across from each other at the table, steaming mugs in hand as we catch up on life.

I'm nineteen now. Two months in and I still don't feel any older, funnily enough. Nineteen is a weird age, I think. With eighteen comes legal adulthood and an abundance of transition and newness, change and responsibility. Nineteen is, again, more settled. The last year of being a teenager, which will never cease to be weird. But I always imagined nineteen as so old, and here I am, still preferring to sit on the floor any day of the week and still of the belief that frosted animal crackers are peak comfort food. I still think that partying sounds miserable, and at the end of the day I still just want to tell stories. They say that age is just a number, and I don't think it was until the past few years of simultaneously feeling so much younger and so much older that I finally got it.

Nineteen means sophomore year, desperately trying to grab junior year's tail and climb on board. This fall has been worlds better than last, school-wise. I couldn't really have asked for a better schedule, and overall it's just been a much smoother ride. I'm already looking towards spring semester with a bubbling anxiety for a thousand and one different reasons, but for the moment I'm trying to rest in the now.

I'm still working more jobs than most people would tell me is sane, but I'm just grateful to be here. I get to work social media for my favorite place on earth this year, and it's been the biggest joy to get to spend my time taking photos of the people that I love so dearly and shouting to the world about what wonderful humans they are. What else could I ask for?

August twelfth marked five years of pouring my heart out into this little corner of the internet, and I still don't quite know how to wrap my mind around that. Five years feels like such a mile marker, and for the first time since I started hitting blogiversaries, I did absolutely nothing to celebrate as August swept me up and away. I still feel like the world's worst blogger for that, for not keeping up with my own tradition. Which is probably the silliest thing in the world to beat myself up over, but here we are anyways. Is anyone surprised?

All of that to say, five years is a lot. And I'm ridiculously grateful that my fourteen year old self decided to go out on a whim and start the absolute cringiest little blog, because it's made my life better in a thousand different ways. It's made me better in a thousand different ways. Grateful grateful grateful.

I finally got out of the absolute longest reading slump, which has been nothing short of wonderful. I have a post coming up recapping all of my recent reads, but I'm just so glad to finally be back to devouring stories on the daily again. Reading has always been one of my favorite things, but the last two years or so yanked that out from under me a bit. So, if you're a former reader and finding yourself missing it, this is your prompting. Go pick up a book, then come back and tell me about it.

Exactly twelve weeks ago tomorrow I started up The Tuesday Letters, which quickly became my new passion project as I fell in love with everything about it. I realized that I haven't actually mentioned that on here yet, and I want to dedicate a full post to them sooner rather than later, but a recap of lately isn't complete without that chunk of my heart.

What else? I've soaked in a lot of really good theatre over the last few weeks. Chick-Fil-A now has mac and cheese, and honestly, that's all that really matters. I haven't written enough lately, and it's making me itch. That's probably why I'm here now, typing madly into this blogger template, laying on the old black rug in the middle of my dad's darkened office. When you hit that point of doing so many things without doing the thing that sets your soul on fire, you go a little crazy, y'know? So here I am, putting off homework for just a few more minutes to send this out into the void.

But we're settling now, remember? The juggling is a little more familiar, and the keys feel right under my fingertips again. Hopefully this feeling becomes familiar again once more, too.

Drawing inspiration from the dearest of friends and sharing a few quick things before I pop out for tonight ---

>>> this podcast episode. I don't try to hide my love for Hannah Brencher, and this podcast episode is full of so much goodness and truth. Make sure to check out part 2 as well - so so good.

>>> this blog post by Rachel, who never ceases to put the screams of my soul into words better than I ever could. She's full of truth and wisdom and I love her to bits.

>>> Liv is gentle peace in a person. Read this if you need a breath of air.

>>> You know how sometimes God uses the funniest little things to remind us how freaking good He is? This song was that for me this past week. One day I'll put that story into words, about the stunning immediacy of His answers and the reminders of hope that He gives us to tuck in our pocket and carry us through the week. For now, this song will be my heartbeat.

>>> Is too much Gilmore Girls a thing? Because I am head over heels in love with Gilmore Girls. Where has this been all my life? (I'm only on season one so spoil upon penalty of DEATH)

>>> This post this post this post. I was sitting in my car on a random Tuesday when this popped up on my phone and made me feel as if someone had flipped my heart inside out. Read it, please.

That's all for tonight, dear friends, but oh, how I love doing this once more. The blogging world isn't getting rid of me yet. ♥

xx Grace Anne

100 Days of Sunlight Blog Tour || (in which I cry a lot) || Book Review + Author Interview + GIVEAWAY!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Let the celebrating commence, because one of my favorite humans in the entire world has released HER DEBUT NOVEL!!!

You guys have heard me rave many times about the supernova that is Abbie Emmons, but Abbie is a person who's worth celebrating every single day. When she first walked into my life four years ago, I had no idea how much sunlight, encouragement, and love she would bring with her. Abbie is one of my absolute truest friends. She is thoughtful and loving and kind, and I am eternally grateful to know her. (If only Vermont wasn't so darn far away!!)

When she told me that she would be releasing her debut novel this summer, I could not have been more excited or proud. Getting to see one of my best friends realize a dream that she's held so close to her heart for so long gives me ALL THE EMOTIONS. (she posted this video on her launch day and I bawled. it's fine. please watch it and cry with me.) So today, we are CELEBRATING!!! Celebrating this amazing friend of mine, and her incredible debut novel. Abbie, I hope you know how incredibly proud we all are of you. You do so much for so many people, and I have loved seeing the blogging community get to come together to celebrate you and your art. I don't know of a single soul who deserves it more than you. Love you infinitely. ♥

(Also, can I just mention that 100 Days of Sunlight is currently the #1 new release in its category on Amazon?!?!? Oh look I'M CRYING AGAIN.)

So TODAY, we're having a big 100 Days of Sunlight party here on Totally Graced! Read on for my full review of the book, an interview with Abbie herself, and A GIVEAWAY!! (Because who doesn't like a good giveaway?) 



100 Days of Sunlight tells the story of teenage blogger Tessa Dickenson. After Tessa is involved in a car accident, she finds herself completely blind. Doctors have hope that her sight will return in a little over three months, but for the time being, Tessa is trapped in a world of darkness. She's bitter and doesn't know how to cope with this new way of life. She's no longer able to write, and she doesn't see how life can hold any beauty for her any longer. 

Enter Weston Ludovico. When Tessa's grandparents place an ad for someone to come and help Tessa maintain her poetry blog while she is without her sight, amputee Weston decides that he just might be the right person for the job. He gets what Tessa is going through even when she feels like no one does, and thinks that he can help her. His one condition? Tessa can't know that he lost his legs. 

Slowly, Weston coaxes Tessa out of the darkness she's trapped herself in, far darker than any blindness. But when Tessa's sight slowly begins to return, is Weston ready to be seen?

Going into this book, I had a pretty good idea that I was going to be a fan. My love for Abbie aside, it sounded right up my alley. However, there really aren't words for just how much I fell head over heels in love with 100 Days of Sunlight. 

This book is unlike anything I've ever read before. It was everything I could want in a book and more. From the characters to the setting to the plot to the themes to the aesthetic of it all, I was obsessed. Like, come on. It's a book with a precious hate to love couple that takes place in a small town and involves waffles and poetry and finding hope in the darkness. What on earth is there for me not to fall in love with here? I can quite literally say after reading it that 100 Days of Sunlight is Abbie's soul on the page. There is so much of her within this book, and maybe that's why I love it so. It's so genuine and truthful and real.

Abbie did such a brilliant job with this book. One of my favorite parts is that this book is told in five parts, with each part titled as one of the five senses. It was such a small detail that wove everything together so well. (You'll understand when you read it. Which you have to do. Just trust me.)

Every single one of the characters grabs your heart. Tessa isn't necessarily always likeable, but you feel for her. You understand why she's lashing out even when it's not pretty, and you just want her to get back up on her feet again. Weston is singlehandedly one of the most precious characters I have ever read. If we all had a little more of Weston in us, the world would be such a better place. He's a fighter with a smile that lights up any darkness, and he's filled with more hope and optimism than one would ever think possible. He hasn't had the easiest road, but his strength will both break your heart and warm it, all at once.

Then you have each and every side character, from Tessa's grandparents to Weston's family to Rudy, Weston's beyond loveable best friend. Rudy and Weston's relationship was actually one of my favorite parts of the book. They've grown up together, and they're such BOYS, but they have a really special friendship that I loved seeing the dynamics of.

I also feel the need to mention that there are a few scenes in the book involving Tessa's blogger tribe that quite literally made me cry. You'll see why when you read the book, but Abbie, I love you endlessly for doing that. You have my heart always. ♥

Tessa and Weston's relationship is so simple and pure and wonderful. Seeing them slowly learn to trust each other as they begin to fall in love is the most beautiful thing. Their growth and individual character arcs were stunning, and their relationship along made me never want the book to end. Because the book revolved around their story, it wasn't very fast-paced, but I quite literally never put it down. I read it cover to cover in the span of an afternoon, totally obsessed. It was two seventeen-year-olds falling in love in the most natural, beautiful way, and I couldn't get enough.

It was also incredible to me how much detail Abbie went into regarding Tessa and Weston's disabilities. It's clear that she did a ton of research, and it paid off. It was so interesting to learn more about what it would be like to be blind, or to be an amputee. I know that making sure that those situations are accurately represented is super super important, and I was so impressed with how it was all written.

Beyond all of this, though - beyond the characters, and the plot, and the research, and the aesthetics of the book, 100 Days of Sunlight is a book about hope. At its very core, it is a book about hope and light and falling but getting back up again. It's about strength and about sunlight, and about realizing that your only real limitation in life is yourself. I can honestly say that I've never read a book as hopeful as 100 Days of Sunlight, and that is without a doubt my favorite thing about it. If you're in a place right now where you feel like you're running out of options, or that things are never going to get better, or that you don't know how to pick yourself back up - this is the book for you. So Abbie, thank you. Thank you for reminding us all that there is still hope. Even when "obnoxious optimism" doesn't feel like it will ever be a reality, this book is a reminder to keep fighting.

I couldn't possibly love it more.

RATING - ⭑⭑⭑⭑ 
(Is more than five stars an option??)


I had the pleasure of getting to ask Abbie all about this beautiful debut of hers! It was so much fun to get to talk with her about her writing - I always love hearing from this beautiful soul. Take it away, Abbie!

Where did you get the idea to write 100 Days of Sunlight?

One day I was thinking about my own lifestyle and how much I use my sense of sight for everything I do: blogging, writing, making videos, reading, everything -- and then I thought how different all that would be if, for some reason, I suddenly went blind. I pondered this thought for a few hours, and then the idea struck me: blogger girl loses her eyesight, meets a boy with no legs (unbeknownst to her) and he helps her overcome her struggles. That was all I had at the start, but it was enough to totally steal my heart and make me want to write the book IMMEDIATELY.

I know that you've written a lot of different novels over the years - what was your favorite part of writing this one, and what made you decide that it would be your debut?

I knew 100 Days of Sunlight would be my debut novel before I even finished writing it. There’s just something special about it that completely captured my heart. I consider it to be my best work and I just COULD NOT WAIT to share it with the world!! I don’t even know if I can pinpoint a favorite part of writing this book… I felt so inspired while writing the whole thing, it was just a pleasure from beginning to end.

Since this is your first time going through the process of taking a novel from an idea to publication, is there anything that you would do differently?

I would spend extra time editing my manuscript myself before I sent it to my editor. As it happened, I ended up adding a few scenes post-editor and then corresponding back and forth with her about the bits I added. She graciously edited the new pieces and gave me feedback whenever I sent them to her, but it would have all gone much smoother if I had added those bits before sending her the manuscript. Ah well. We live and learn!

Who was your favorite character to write?

Both my protagonists Tessa and Weston were super fun to write, but I would have to say my favorite to write was Weston. I just love him so much! He is my precious darling. I loved writing his backstory and his journey, both internal and external. Also, his sense of humor. Comedy is one of my favorite things to write, and Weston always brought a touch of humor to every scene that needed it.

100 Days of Sunlight involves several physical disabilities. What was it like doing all of the medical research and making sure that you portrayed those issues accurately?

My research process involved lots and lots and lots of reading; it was a super fascinating and educational journey that I really enjoyed. I read tons of blog posts, first-hand accounts, articles, more blog posts, watched vlogs and videos, asked questions, and read some more. The most interesting thing I learned is that every person’s experience is very different. This allowed me to give my characters a unique experience with the disabilities they faced, while still staying true to what I had learned of real-life experiences. Also, my editor had worked as a sighted guide at a center for the blind, so she was able to give some great input on Tessa’s condition and experiences.

You and I have talked quite a bit about our love for MBTI typing our characters - what were the character's personality types in 100 Days of Sunlight? For the readers who don't obsessively type their characters (*nervous laughter*), how do you go about typing? Do you pick types for them, or do you get a picture of the characters in your head and take the test as they would?

Yes!! MBTI typing characters is one of my favorite parts of the writing process! In 100 Days of Sunlight, Tessa is an INFJ and Weston is an ENFP. Being an INFJ, it was pretty easy for me to write Tessa’s voice. But Weston was definitely a bit of a challenge, what with all his “reckless spontaneity” (what’s ‘spontaneity’, again? lol)

How I usually type my characters is by first figuring out what general personality they’re going to have (ie: bold hero, quiet loyal friend, snarky comic relief, etc.) based on their role in the story. From there, I narrow it down further by choosing an MBTI type for them. I know so much about all the types now, I rarely use the test. But I do use this infographic which is super helpful! Okay I have to stop there – I could talk about MBTI types ALL DAY.

Do you have a favorite scene in the novel?

Oh my gosh this is such a hard question!! I have too many favorite scenes in this book. But if I had to choose, I would pick the scene where Rudy visits Weston in the hospital. I got very emotional writing this part because I loved the dynamic of Weston and Rudy’s relationship – how they beat each other up and act like tough guys, but underneath all that, they are really two softies who love each other more than either of them would admit. In this scene, I feel like they both let their guard down and it was very sad but adorable to write.

As someone who has the pleasure of knowing you (crying that I have a friend this incredible it's fine), it was so beautiful to see so many pieces of you and your heart in this book. How epic was it to get to write a book about blogging and waffles???

I’m crying too omg!!! It’s so amazing that we met through blogging – that’s part of the reason why I wanted to include blogging in the book. It has connected me with so many amazing people all over the world, and I’m forever grateful for that opportunity. Also, WAFFLES. Of course! How could I not write a book without waffles in it? And waffles on the front cover? I loved sprinkling little pieces of myself into this novel and I’m so thrilled that you appreciated that!

Between your iconic blog, your epic YouTube channel, and now this beautiful book, you're gaining quite the invested fan base! (That I know is always dying for new Abbie content.) What do you have up your sleeve in the near future?

Many good things!! My next book will be another standalone in the same sort of genre, but I can’t reveal anything else about it yet! I’m also working on some big projects in the realm of my YouTube channel, but that is also a secret for now! Stay tuned, world. ;)

How does it feel to be A PUBLISHED AUTHOR???

AMAZING!! And a little scary, too. But mostly amazing.

And, the most important question of all - what do you like on your waffles?

A very important question indeed!! Waffle toppings must include but are certainly not limited to: real maple syrup, cinnamon, confectioner’s sugar, blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream!

Thank you so much for having me on your beautiful blog today, Grace Anne! It was an absolute pleasure to chat with you about all things writing! :D

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The giveaway is now CLOSED!! Congratulations to Grace, Hannah Smith, and Caroline Breidenbach! You'll receive your ebook copies shortly!

AND, in honor of the debut, enter to win an ebook copy of 100 Days of Sunlight! Open now through August 21st. Enter now!!


Anyone who says she's not the cutest human
they've ever seen is lying.
Abbie Emmons has been writing stories ever since she could hold a pencil.

What started out as an intrinsic love for storytelling has turned into her lifelong passion. There’s nothing she likes better than writing (and reading) stories that are both heartrending and humorous, with a touch of cute romance and a poignant streak of truth running through them.

Abbie is also a YouTuber, singer/songwriter, blogger, traveler, filmmaker, big dreamer, and professional waffle-eater. When she’s not writing or dreaming up new stories, you can find her road-tripping to national parks or binge-watching BBC Masterpiece dramas in her cozy Vermont home with a cup of tea and her fluffy white lap dog, Pearl.






Have you read 100 Days of Sunlight yet? I need your thoughts! Send alllllll the fangirling my way in the comments. And if you haven't picked up your copy yet, what are you waiting for? You guys HAVE to read this book - it is an utter work of art in every way. 
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